Intolerable Rudeness

This is my Facebook status for today: Spent a chunk of my day in the City of Not So Brotherly Love (Philadelphia). For those who haven’t been clued in, I am New York City born and bred. When I die, I will be New York City dead. I have been all over this country and dealt with sports fans, but Philly, you need some serious manners.

In all the cities I have been to wearing an opposing teams’ jersey, never have I been booed on the street or crowded by a mob of grown men who yelled “A Rangers fan! GET HER!” Grown men, people! Are you fucking kidding me?!? Thankfully I was with a very tall, very mean grown man who turned around and gave them a “Do NOT fuck with me.” look that shut them up and made them leave before I got a word in edge wise.

On my drive home I realized why I was getting all this negative attention. As I passed a billboard near the Wells Fargo Center, it clicked. The New York Rangers are playing the Philadelphia Flyers in the NHL playoffs and I happened to be wearing a lightweight Rangers jersey (that I have had for a good 12 years) over my t-shirt to combat the slight chill in the air. Last week a clerk at the post office booed me in good cheer, which I laughed off, but this was over the top and really negative.

For the record, I am cheering for the Colorado Avalanche in the NHL playoffs. I will NEVER cheer for the Flyers, nor will I ever support such disgusting, rude behavior from fans of any sport. People say New Yorkers are rude, but I am polishing my halo tonight! GO AVS! GO RANGERS!‪ 

Already Sad

Already Sad

I was already sad/depressed. A former brother-in-arms is being buried today and I am not attending the funeral, but I’m certainly thinking about his family and the memories I have of him. Then this little tidbit of info catches my eye.

There are two types of New Yorkers. The ones that know their team always has the potential to go to the playoffs (Yankees fans) and the ones that know that no matter what, their team will fail miserably when it’s all said and done (Mets fans). I’m of the former, a born Yankees fan, and Mariano Rivera is someone who I have watched from day one. I will tune in this season, and when the season ends, I will definitely cry like a baby. I hate losing a player, be it to injury or retirement. Here’s wishing Mo has an amazing send-off. It would be nice if a parade and another ring were part of the package.

R.I.P Bill, you will be missed.