Enjoying The Journey

To me, the greatest pleasure of writing is not what it’s about, but the inner music the words make.” -Truman Capote

I find myself especially inspired to write and create at the moment. I’ve made a lot of progress over the last few weeks. I made a lot of changes to my original “first draft”. I’m probably on my 20th version of the story which introduces readers to the world in which I have created, and it is not only supremely better, but it is now titled and moving more and more towards completion. This pleases me because it has helped advance the progress on books 2, 3, and 4 as well. All of which have received titles I am intent on keeping, and as the story progresses, I find myself more and more fascinated with the work I am doing. There are so many days when it hardly seems like I’m the writer. Whenever you read your own work a week or so after it’s written and you’‘re totally mesmerized by the story and where it is going, it means you’ve got talent. You have the ability to forget that you’re reading something you have created. When you can surprise yourself like that, you’ve got a gift. Don’t waste it.

I don’t know if all fiction writers do extensive research or not. I’ve had so many tell me “Oh, I just made that up.”, and it always annoys me, especially if it’s another language, a city or country they have never been to, or has anything to do with the paranormal or actual spells that a practicing witch might perform. I’m a perfectionist, and because I have always written facts and hardcore opinion, it goes against me to “make it up”.  I am naturally drawn to the more spiritual and less religious aspects of certain things, but because I do speak more than one language, I am constantly trying to make sure that the dialogue is perfect.

Other than a few remaining family members, I don’t know anyone else that speaks Yiddish. It’s almost a dead language, which is why I continue to use it daily, that way what I know won’t die with me. Just the occasional word has actually started rubbing off on my friends, which is both amusing and charming. I have my brother who also speaks it, as well as my last remaining Great-Aunt, and my Aunt. I am sure other family members still use it as well, but I have about as much use for them as I would a baby’s dirty diaper.  It’s a long story, in which I will spare you my personal drama. I’ll save that for my best friend, and a reputable therapist. <smirk, wink>

I’m good with languages, but there are a few I have real trouble with. Don’t ever be surprised if I screw up what little French I have managed to retain, because I still mix it up with Spanish and/or Italian. I understand some languages that I don’t speak, and sometimes when a person that speaks little to no English approaches me for directions or needs relatively minor information, my understanding of what they’re saying can become a problem when I forget basic greetings or that I know the language at all. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought “Why didn’t I just answer her in, insert language here?” It’s a total blonde brunette moment! Of course, my brother’s French is really good, but he also took it for many more years than I did and uses it constantly. Unfortunately, none of his vast knowledge is helping me on these books. I’ve been writing for over 20 years, the only things my brother has ever heard were two eulogies and an 11 page speech I gave at a memorial service. When your own brother comes up to you at a funeral and is in awe by what you have written, that is both saying something, as well as sad that he doesn’t take the time to read what I produce. We are as alike as we are different. Libras. Can’t live with them, and strangling them is apparently frowned upon.

As per usual, I digress…

I have actually been thinking quite a bit about the cover art of the first book for the first time ever. That’s something, because even though I have an artistic eye and I have a lot of creative ideas, I don’t usually go in that direction, but I like the little bit of artistic freedom it has afforded my mind. Allowing your ability to create and expand in a new direction is a positive, exciting thing.

So, as I return to book 2’s third chapter, I am reminded, once again, to write what I know, and not sweat the small stuff. Enjoy the journey.