Common Courtesy

Dear Everyone,

I respect and appreciate the fact that you follow me. I would not say that if it weren’t true. However, the latest reblogging craze has been driving me INSANE. It is not any one person in particular, it’s just the nature of the beast, so to speak.

If you take the time to read my About page, there is a disclaimer asking you to check with me first if you’re not sure if I’d be cool with something being reblogged. I don’t mind if it’s a quote or something I have shared for everyone to enjoy, but if it’s a photo I took the time to locate, or one I took myself, then please ask first. If it’s my work, which is 100% copyrighted, ask, because I own the copyrights to my work and the photos I take, and I will not hesitate in asking that you remove it if I have not approved it.

I reblog very little here, but when I do, it’s to show respect to the amazingly gifted friends I have made here, or to share health related stories. If anyone ever took offense to that, I know they would come to me privately and ask me to remove it, and I would, because I respect them.

Please, lets all show one another the respect we’re deserving of.

Thank you,


128 ~ Red Sky Falling

This is incredible and really sums up how I feel about a certain Gemini. It’s a good thing we’re not speaking right now because I seriously want to harm her. I always find that sad when you’re basically sisters with someone, but it happens.
Hugs to Britt for her awesomeness.

Fairytale Epidemic

I will spill these bedrooms walls
With the ink of what you did to me
Tear out your heart and arrange the pieces
Into a constellation for all to see

Stupid, illegitimate sky line
Did you think I wouldn’t discover?
A soul so messed up, bruised and beaten
Tormented by a love of another

Soon the fog will pass and uncover
The remnants of your destruction
You breathe lies and games and heresy
In order to make you function

Two-faced and pretentious
You wear that honor proud
But I’ll lacerate that smile right off your face
In front of this entire crowd

Let the red rain commence,
From your throat I’ve slit in the sky
Blood moon rising has never been as glorious
As the hate that fills my eyes

gemini mp

To be honest, I don’t remember writing this piece (AKA blind rage or probably really drunk), but I went…

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29 Social Media Fails

29 Social Media Fails

I agree with most of these, though I rarely find anyone clever or witty in 140 characters or less. More like idiotic, ridiculous, drunk, with way too much free time, but hey, that’s just my personal opinion which, as a writer, I will continue to have both personally and professionally. I’m smart enough to say most things in private.