Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Cinco de Mayo always gets me craving massive amounts of guacamole. Truth be told, I do not need any holiday based assistance in my love for avocados. I’ll eat one with a spoon after cutting into it. Wish me luck on my avocado hunt, I am surely not the only one thinking along these lines.

My weekend has been chock full of writing, music, ideas, and various sports. Congrats to Orb for taking The Kentucky Derby. Such a gorgeous horse. Actually, all of them were pretty stunning. My apologies to equestrian aficionados, but hearing “Riders Up” is nowhere near as exciting as hearing “Drivers, Start Your Engines!”, or the singing of the National Anthem during the World Series, or even the singing during the 7th inning stretch. Consider this for a second before sending me hate mail. Also, major congrats to the Toronto Maple Leafs for kicking ass in Game 2 against the Boston Bruins. I was proud. I wish you guys good luck in Game 3 back in T.O., and Patrick, feel free to bring home a hockey player for me as a souvenir. (Yes ‘Trick, I’m “just kidding”.) Stash him in the baby’s room, she can boss him around ’til I get there. Yeah, that one wasn’t a joke.

And now, return to your regularly scheduled programming… Enjoy the rest of your weekend. I’ll be fine, as soon as I can get rid of this headache. Blech!

P.S. Anyone else looking forward to the season finale of The Mentalist? I’m not happy that this is the end of a season, because Simon Baker just plain makes me smile, but I am definitely looking forward to seeing if I’m right about the list of potential Red John’s that he has been putting together for weeks.

Federal Legislation Would Ban Export Of Horses For Slaughter, Protect Public From “Toxic Meat”

I signed a petition and sent e-mails to both of my state Senators to help protect these majestic creatures, and I hope you will do the same.

There’s no such thing as humane horse-slaughter, and anyone that thinks it’s “good business” should be taken out and shot, and by all means, try and shoot THEM “humanely”!

This country was built on the back of a horse, we have no right to harm these animals or allow them to be slaughtered and eaten in other countries.