Maybe I’ve Found A New Mini-Me…


Just spoke with a lady that has a kitten I might be adopting this week. I will be meeting with her and said kitten. I am sort of looking forward to it because it’s become very clear to me that I need to have a kitten to get me through the shit I’ve been dealing with. Normally I would not bring just one into my home on its own, I’d take two, but she only has the one that I am interested in, and at this point, maybe I will bring two in next year if this adoption works out. I’ve got to go with my intuition and see how it feels. This will give me a few days to prep, just in case. I’ve got everything she would need immediately except for a few little things that I can pick up before picking her up. I guess I’ll know for sure if it’s meant to be when I meet her. I feel very torn. I feel like I’m cheating on my deceased cat, but I also wonder if she sent this kitten to me. I guess I’ll find out when I meet her.

Wish me luck!

*This might be the new little Miss Kitty. Don’t worry, that will NOT be her name. I’m far more creative than that!!*