Fibro Stuff No One Tells You

Fibro Stuff No One Tells You

This is very close to how I was diagnosed. It all started up with a crick in my neck that wouldn’t go away. I was in so much pain, it was unbelievable, and my doctor kept trying to tell me all I needed was physical therapy. Yeah, not so much.

I was later diagnosed with some disc related issues in my neck and the middle of my spine, which are much more severe than they originally led me to believe. It was 6 or 7 years later that I got my official diagnosis.


Can Swelling Be Associated With Fibromyalgia?

Can swelling be associated with fibromyalgia?

By: Mark J. Pellegrino, MD (WebMD)

“Swelling can be associated with FM. Swelling is also seen in many other conditions including thyroid disorders, vascular problems, venous insufficiency, lymphedema, heart/liver/renal disease, and medicine side effects. Swelling should always be evaluated by your doctor to determine its cause.

In FM, it’s those darn dysfunctional sensory and autonomic nerves again that create the FM-related swelling problem. One of the many sensations the sensory nerves are capable of signaling is the sensation of swelling. We with FM often complain of feeling swollen, even if there is no clinical evidence of swelling, due to a dysfunctional misfiring of the sensory nerves.

We with FM get actual swelling, usually a fluctuating puffiness in the fingers and ankles/feet especially, due to dysfunctional signals between the autonomic nerves and the small blood vessels causing more leakage. This can cause our rings to become so tight on our fingers, for example. And if there’s swelling, there’s more mechanical pressure/irritation of the small sensory nerves leading to increased pain. That’s why it can be quite uncomfortable.

Because our nerves wax and wane in their dysfunctional behavior, so can our painful swelling symptoms if they are due to FM.”


We Are In The Era Of “Nightmare” Bacteria And Nobody Seems To Care

This is scary as all get out. I don’t believe I’ve taken an antibiotic in about five years, but I also believe in letting my body heal itself, even if that means I’m sick for a few extra days. Knowing your body really well will help you avoid being on medication unless you truly need it, so listen and remember that cold, flu, & virus season is never truly gone. Do whatever you can to keep you & yours from getting sick.

Moreover, what the fuck is everyone doing pumping antibiotics into animals?! And they wonder why this shit happens?! It’s enough to make me sick to my stomach. In fact, I just lost my appetite.

The Fibromyalgia Myth

The Fibromyalgia Myth

This FREAKS ME OUT. I have been tested for Lyme Disease more than once, but I am going to request a re-test due to some of the things I have been experiencing of late, just to be on the safe side. For some of us, I think we need to be tested and re-tested because Lyme Disease is no joke. Neither is Fibromyalgia, but there’s no denying that the symptoms are the same and if we’re not seeing any relief, maybe there’s a misdiagnosis somewhere along the line. How amazing would it be if some of us could get our lives back and not have to suffer to the extent that we do?

I don’t think it hurts to double-check and find out if any of this applies to some or maybe even all of us. Better safe, than sorry. Don’t be afraid to speak up, ask questions, and be your own advocate.