Having A Baby? Read This & Make Sure Your Newborn Is Screened

Having A Baby? Read This & Make Sure Your Newborn Is Screened


*This article caught my attention and as someone who desperately wants children, it also scared the crap out of me. I’m posting it to share the story, but also to help raise awareness. Anyone that can help this family out in some small way will be doing a really good thing.* 



I take great issue with the medical field on a whole, but as someone with doctors in her family, I can only hope they also know that nurses are often smarter than they are, they’re the ones that spend the most time at the hospital, the ones who do the most “caring”. I’ve known some great  nurses in my life and have had to tell many off for various reasons. However, this article caught my eye this morning and after the last few weeks of enduring so much crap, this story sort of broke me into tears. It would be very sad for anyone to read this and not be able to shed a single tear. I know I did. It definitely put a lot into perspective for me as well. So, know that it’s sad, but I still encourage you to read it.