Introducing Myself…

For starters: Thank you for letting everyone know I would be here from time to time, Li. 

For everyone reading this, my name is Stefanie and I will be assisting on this blog. Lisa is my oldest, dearest, and most treasured friend. I’ve worked with her and assisted on so many different things that this feels like coming home, so to speak. I already know it will be fun to share my perspective. 🙂

Normally I would introduce myself, as if we were meeting in person, and tell you some things about me, but I don’t yet feel that comfortable, what with the harassment Lisa and many other bloggers have written about. Suffice it to say, I am a freelance photographer. I was born and raised in Hawaii, have been with my husband for 17 years, we have a young daughter, we have two cats, and we currently live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Like Lisa, I am also a proud Scorpio (November 8th).

I have been privileged enough to work with Lisa as both friend and colleague since the early 90’s, but we’ve known each other longer than that. She & I worked closely together for many years when she worked for a professional athlete, who is so unimportant, I have decided that he can, and should, remain nameless. Maybe if he had treated her better, had been respectful of her hard work, had been kind, courteous, or a decent human being, I’d feel him worthy of mention. I do not. I hope to hell I never cross paths with him again. I don’t want to have to explain to my mother why I was bailed out of jail for beating the hell out of someone who was once a family friend. Sadly, that’s way too good for him.

This platform of Lisa’s is amazing, and as unique as she is. I am really proud of her for “taking the plunge” and being herself here. To see her working so hard on her own self-promotion is a beautiful thing. The books she is in the process of writing are incredible, entertaining, thoroughly researched, and thought-provoking. I love how she has taken old mythology and altered it to suit her needs, and put an entirely new spin on things, I love the dialogue, the characters, the pop culture references, and her ever-present wit. I hope that prior to publication, you will all visit the blogs for each of the books and allow yourselves to become immersed in chapter releases and excerpts.

What will I be doing here? Filling in, sharing my perspective on different subjects, and doing whatever I can to assist where, and when, needed. Rome was not built in a day, and no matter what some people may think, the very best books are not written in 30 minutes. Quality, genius, greatness, it all takes a significant amount of time. Based on what I have read, it is all well worth the wait.

Lisa has asked me to share some of my photography here, and I will do my level best. I normally do very specific types of photographs, but have recently decided to embark on nature stills with the eventual goal being a gallery showing of some sort. If I do not share my personal photos, I will, at the very least, share photos that speak to me, photos I think you, the reader, will enjoy.

I encourage you to interact with me, to leave comments, and introduce yourself in kind. My contact info will be added to the About section soon. I have heard about a handful of you from Lisa by name, but beyond that, I don’t know anyone here. Lets get to know each other and do a little reinventing on this platform.

Wishing you all a blessed Sunday.




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Using My Name? I Don’t Think So!

Using My Name? I Don’t Think So!

It was brought to my attention this afternoon that a certain blogger, who shall remain nameless, has been using my name on and off the blogosphere in an effort to protect themselves. I am here to set the record straight. Listen closely, because if I ever have to say this again, this will be a lawsuit against the spineless coward using my name.

#1- I do not blog to spew hatred to my fellow bloggers. There is no need for it. We are all entitled to our own opinions.

I am one of the nicest people to interact with. I will always be polite and respectful, but if I have asked you once to do something (like remove my work from your blog because you never asked for permission and you’re a repeat offender) and you’ve ignored me, then I might not be so nice.

I have had a few people disagree with me in comments, and in general. That is 100% FINE. There is an unfollow button. I don’t have to follow them, they don’t have to follow me, and that is where the drama ends. I’m a grown woman, not a child, and I am not an attention seeker. I’m a writer.

#2- If someone comes to you and uses the words “Lisa said…”, please come to me IMMEDIATELY and VERIFY with me. I don’t talk behind people’s backs. Ask my friends. I am not two-faced, and I do not pull punches. If I’m going to say something, be it nice or not, I will say it directly to you. I have absolutely no qualms about that, nor have I ever.

#3- I am a GIRL’S GIRL to the core. It is very rare to find me defending a man, but especially in a situation where a man has been a vile, inappropriate pig and hurt a woman I care about in the process. There are, but a handful of men I will defend. One of whom I am related to, one is my brother’s best friend that is a brother to me and has gone to bat for me, and the other I am in a relationship with. And even then, it’s dicey if any of them happens to hit my bad side.

#4- If you want or need to know something, come directly to the source.

#5- If my name has been used against you as in “Lisa will kick your ass if….” that is simply untrue. For starters, I don’t talk like that unless I REALLY know you, and when I do it, it’s in jest. Two, this is a complete and utter farce. If this has been said to you, please message me and lets clear this up once and for all.

Deceit is rampant on the blogosphere these days and it’s making me really angry. My name is attached to 26 years of hard work and is protected by copyrights that I own and have always owned. Anyone running their mouth off, using my name without my express written consent is fucking full of shit.

Please feel free to take that message back to the flock master and have him shove it up his ass.

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