Snow Flurries…..

Snow Flurries…

“Snow flurries began to fall and they swirled around people’s legs like house cats. It was magical, this snow globe world.” ―Sarah Addison Allen

*Most disappointing snow storm EVER!! It started earlier than it was supposed to, and then it stopped. I stopped looking after that and decided to attempt some sleep since my pain levels had started to micro-manage themselves a bit. My area was slated to get between 3 and 8 inches of snow, and then a wintery mix or rain, at approximately an additional inch, on top of the snow. I don’t think we even got three inches of snow in total, but we definitely got freezing rain before it switched over to just plain rain. It’s still cold enough for hot drinks and baked goods, but it’s lost its cozy feeling for me. I need to stop checking the weather altogether!*


Home Sick…Com…

Home Sick…Complete With Snow

“There are two kinds of people; those who are always well and those who are always sick. Most of the evils of the world come from the first sort and most of the achievement from the second.” -Louis Dudek

Today I get to be “home sick”. For one, I’ve been sick for a few weeks and it’s finally culminated in more than just allergies & coughing. My remedy thus far has been Ricola Natural Herb Cough Drops, which I swear are a cure in and of themselves. I also have them in Echinacea Honey Lemon, just to change things up a bit. These, paired with hot tea (Your favorite hot tea, any kind, with a good amount of honey and a dash of ground cayenne pepper. It’s better for you than cough medicine and reduces the amount of time you’re sick.), really help a lot, though they can’t help with the aches and pains, or the twisted ankle I got before the storm moved in. That’s fine. I’ve got reading, writing, and movies to keep me company. Also, I am a soup addict and when I’m sick, soup is one of my big comfort foods. I prefer homemade, but I’m also a huge fan of wonton soup. Trust me, when the snow finishes falling I will be procuring a large amount of wonton soup to fortify me through the weekend.

Hope my readers in the Northeastern U.S. are all safe, warm, and not too stressed out by the snow. Praying for everyone getting more than just a dusting.