128 ~ Red Sky Falling

This is incredible and really sums up how I feel about a certain Gemini. It’s a good thing we’re not speaking right now because I seriously want to harm her. I always find that sad when you’re basically sisters with someone, but it happens.
Hugs to Britt for her awesomeness.

Fairytale Epidemic

I will spill these bedrooms walls
With the ink of what you did to me
Tear out your heart and arrange the pieces
Into a constellation for all to see

Stupid, illegitimate sky line
Did you think I wouldn’t discover?
A soul so messed up, bruised and beaten
Tormented by a love of another

Soon the fog will pass and uncover
The remnants of your destruction
You breathe lies and games and heresy
In order to make you function

Two-faced and pretentious
You wear that honor proud
But I’ll lacerate that smile right off your face
In front of this entire crowd

Let the red rain commence,
From your throat I’ve slit in the sky
Blood moon rising has never been as glorious
As the hate that fills my eyes

gemini mp

To be honest, I don’t remember writing this piece (AKA blind rage or probably really drunk), but I went…

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200 ~ Make a Wish

This is beautiful. *Marion, thinking of you. Time to set a date for those frequent flyer miles. XOXO.*

Fairytale Epidemic

I thought I knew what trust was
I believed in the limit of friends
And in my darkest moment
You pulled me through til the end

With horrid thoughts that haunt me
The nightmares that plague me at night
You have shown me so much kindness
A breath of selfless light

When the tears would not stop falling
I asked God to help see me through
Thinking he would help me stop this pain
But instead he sent me you


Photo Credit: Dreus76

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“I tell of hearts and souls and dances…
Butterflies and second chances;
Desperate ones and dreamers bound,
Seeking life from barren ground,
Who suffer on in earthly fate
The bitter pain of agony hate,
Might but they stop and here forgive
Would break the bonds to breathe and live
And find that God in goodness brings
A chance for change, the hope of wings
To rest in Him, and self to die
And so become a butterfly.”
―Karen Kingsbury

229 ~ Release

Fairytale Epidemic

When you spread your wings
You can’t see them shine
And how I’ve fallen for them
Each and every time

If only you could see
Just how beautiful you are
You’d finally understand
How you managed to set the bar

But butterfly I can’t keep you
Inside my jar of a heart
For no matter how many holes I poke
Your lungs will fall apart

So I will hesitantly lift this lid
To watch you flutter free
But know the door is always open
To the home you’ve made in me

You’ll always be a part of me
I’m part of you indefinitely

__r_e_b_i_r_t_h___by_soturbow-d4s43y2And we’ll linger on
Time can’t erase a feeling this strong

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235 ~ Mother’s Day

This is beautiful.

I stayed quiet on Mother’s Day for many reasons. One, I lost my Mom almost five years ago. Two, I lost her exactly five months after losing my father. Losing one parent is hard enough, losing a parent you were best friends with is like losing a part of yourself. I can talk about it on a one-on-one level most of the time, but in general, May is not a good month for me in terms of loss, so I decided keeping my mouth shut was best, lest I ruin someone else’s day with my emotions.

Hope everyone had a good celebration.

243 ~ Selfish

How fantastic is this? The next time someone tells you you’re selfish, please consider what it actually means.

Fairytale Epidemic

Time may heal
A heart that aches
But can also break
A heart that waits

And in between
The turmoil of the two
Is a chance to be found
By a love that is true

I’ll pick up the pieces
And pack them away
Find the inner courage
To not let you stay

No longer an option
Or waiting in the wings
No longer your puppet
Orchestrated on strings

You keep me guessing
It’s just what you do
For the only person
You care to see is you


Photo Credit: Bee-Tea

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262 ~ Ready. Set. Go.

How amazing is this?! Britt is so talented, I can’t help, but promote her here and hopefully others will catch on. I adore her. You don’t get much more real than this!

Fairytale Epidemic

I am as selfish as
Selfish comes
And do not regret
What I have become

When I walk away
But don’t feel the pull
Did I really love you
Or playing wolf in wool

The time apart
Just made me see
The years before
Do not matter to me

If only you knew
What I’ve been up to then
I can guarantee you’d
Never call me again

I’m giving you a head start
So don’t look back
For your skin will be ripped
And hung like a plaque

From a fairy tale story
That shouldn’t have begun
I want to hear your heart race
So run baby, run

I won’t suffer, be broken, get tired, or wasted
Surrender to nothing, or give up what I
Oh_dear____by_seijikatStarted and stopped it, from end to beginning
A new day is coming, and I am finally free

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This Will Proba…

This Will Probably Always Be True

“Though much is taken, much abides; and though
We are not now that strength which in old days
Moved earth and heaven, that which we are, we are;
One equal temper of heroic hearts,
Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will
To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.”
―Lord Alfred Tennyson, Idylls of the King and a Selection of Poems