The Painkiller Sending Adults Over 55 To The Emergency Room

This blows my mind. I have taken this particular drug on and off since 1997. If you take it responsibly and a pharmacist is smart enough to let you know it interacts with the other medications you are currently on, you should not have any problems using it, no matter how old you are.


10 Sneaky Sugar Sources That Hold Your Weight Hostage

*I don’t know a single person who isn’t guilty of at least one of these things. Fruit, to me, is natural sugar, but the body still processes it the same way it would any other form of sugar. No one is perfect, but in most cases I find that if I’ve had no sugar in any form for a week or so, I will go insane. It’s impossible to avoid it entirely. I’m half a step away from murdering someone for a cupcake or a really good piece of cheesecake. Be careful with anything that contains sugar alcohol in it. Eat a little less of the real thing, because sugar alcohol, especially for diabetics, is terribly dangerous. It’s not exactly good for everyone else either.*