When Politics And Power Take Precedence Over Pain Control


This is extremely disconcerting. I haven’t lived close to a doctor in nearly 7 years. Two of mine are out-of-state, which means at least an hour or so, sometimes longer, one way. Forget refills, because they physically make you come and pick them up, refusing to put any narcotic prescription in the mail. Many primary care physicians just want to pass pain patients off to “pain management” places where you’re treated like cattle. Every single pain management place I’ve been recommended to had an enormous waiting list just to get in the door. I don’t know about all of us, but I don’t have 2-3 years to “wait” for an appointment. I could be dead by then! Nor do I need to be lectured about how my pain isn’t as important as someone else’s. Denouncing a person’s pain is a huge part of the problem here as well.


One thought on “When Politics And Power Take Precedence Over Pain Control

  1. I tried to post this comment but need to register, so I shall post it to you instead :p
    I am in the UK and it makes me *so* angry that there is a non-opiate/narcotic painkiller called nefopam hydrocloride, that when taken with paracetamol (which probably has a different name outside the UK) is a really effective analgeasic painkilling combination, especially for fibromyalgia pain – but it is not available in the USA. If it was, non of this would be an issue for you guys. Such a simple solution.
    To give you an example of how it beats opiates, my mum had Fibromyalgia for 25 years, and only took her opiate painkillers – dicanol – when she absolutely had to because they made her woozy, slurred her speech etc. She went into hospital after a fall, and they prescribed nefopam and paracetamol. She took them 3 times a day as prescribed, and was pain-free for the first time in 23 years.

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