3 thoughts on “No Winter Lasts…

  1. I am sorry your siCk woman :/ I don’t know if you’d be up for it but An oldie but a goodie that always helps me kick the crap outta an unwanted virus is slathering my feet in Vicks Mentholatum or Vaporub and putting on a heavy pair of socks especially at bedtime…

    Seems to clear all the junk out much faster… Soup is good too especially if it’s butt burning hot (spicy) as I tell myself it’s killing off the nasty bugs that are holding me prisoner in hell lol! 😉

    • I only use Vicks VapoRub if it’s a chest based cold/virus/infection where I’m hacking up my lungs or anything where it hurts to breathe or I’m struggling to breathe through my nose, so long as I know it isn’t pneumonia. This isn’t like that. Initially it was my stomach, so I thought it was a quick bug. I was fine for a day or so, and then it slammed back harder. Now it seems to mostly be my sinuses and the usual aches, pains, and chills one gets. I haven’t had a fever that I’m aware of, but it’s been a week now of me feeling like this. It takes a little longer for Fibromyalgia sufferers to get rid of things of this nature, so I am trying to be patient. I increased by vitamin intake to help speed up the healing process and if all else fails, I’ll take Zicam until it goes away. That stuff is vile, but it does the job. I drink tea with cayenne pepper in it, and that absolutely is a cure-all.

      • Cayenne pepper in tea? Thats genius never thought about that; it’s now been added to my memory data bank. Im sorry about the Fibro too… It amplifies everything squared ugh… Here’s to your speedy recovery 😉

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