5 thoughts on “Visit One At Your Local Zoo

    • When I read it, I laughed out loud.

      I say that all the time “Not my circus, not my monkeys.” I’m only part Polish, but I think it’s very apropos for so many situations in life.

      • LOL. It’s healthy for you to do that.

        I’m truly curious about people that are still friends with an ex-anything. How the hell does that work, especially given abusive situations or cheating, etc? Why would I want to continue any sort of relationship?

      • It’s funny One of my close friends was in a terrible marriage, they pretty much hated each other. Now 15 years later they are great friends, I have no idea how they do it but it works for them. :/ *shrug*

        I don’t see it ever being that way for me, even though I had hoped primarily for the kids sake, but that’s OK. I don’t really want him in my life any more than necessary (which is not really at all) as I always feel scrutinized and judged when he is around.

        I could go on and on, but what’s the point? All it will do is bring me down and I don’t need that so I digress.

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