A Woman’s Perfume…


I LOVE this. I have strong sensory memory. I vividly remember the perfume my mother wore when I was little, and she’d be all dressed up to go out with my father. She bestowed upon me the idea of a “signature scent”, even though she only wore certain fragrances for weddings and important social gatherings. I can wear my signature year-round, but I tend to wear it more during Fall and Winter because there’s something incredibly sexy about the scent lingering on my clothes, my hair, etc. I have absolute strangers stop me all the time to ask about it, always with a compliment. It’s one of those things that just plain makes a girl feel good about herself. I don’t trust women that don’t wear perfume.


4 thoughts on “A Woman’s Perfume…

  1. I love perfume but very rarely wear it as I am allergic to most scents and therefore am limited to a very small handful of them that I can actually wear. It’s a shame as I have a very highly developed sense of smell. Personally I think earthy scents are fabulous… just saying.

    • I am also allergic to most perfumes. I’ve gotten chemical burns just testing a few out, so I am careful about how I apply now.

      I have found that LaVanila has the BEST natural perfumes without chemicals and they smell awesome. Pacifica also makes a natural line, but you have to really like a fragrance to wear it. My signature isn’t from either brand, but it doesn’t burn my skin, a huge plus.

      Earthy scents makes me think of sandalwood. I like cedarwood, but only when blended with a few other notes. I find that men’s cologne often have some interesting notes in them.

      • Funny I was going to mention men’s colognes, which In some ways I prefer to women’s perfumes. They tend to be more woodsy/patchouli based and I find the more feminine florals trigger my asthma. I love sandalwood (sadly I am allergic to cedar – I love the smell but). I have found that The Body Shop has a few vanilla and nut based perfumes that work well for me. I will see if I can find LaVanila and/or Pacifica out here.

      • I used to. I still prefer some of them. Every once in a while I’ll find one that is unisex and smells really good.

        I’m not into florals either. They nauseate me, especially the really strong ones.

        The one I wear has Clementine, Cactus Flower, Pimento, Capucine, Sambac, Mimosa, Camelia, Vanilla Orchid, Hydrangea Flowers, Pearl Musk, and White Amber in it. It is surprisingly not what you’d expect it to smell like. I’ve been wearing it for 12 years and all I ever hear is “Oh My God, you smell amazing.” It’s a little weird when it happens at the gas station. LOL.

        I do tend to reach for fragrances that have a little vanilla in them. LaVanila’s perfumes are all vanilla based, but there are so many of them that it’s easy to find a favorite. I wear Vanilla Lavender and it’s one of the best things I’ve ever smelled. I also like the Vanilla Grapefruit (this one is unisex) and Vanilla Coconut, but it took a while for the latter to grow on me. Most of Pacifica’s are fruity, the ones I’ve found any way. I have the Tuscan Blood Orange, which is a very happy scent, but I prefer it as body wash and lotion, not as something to wear all day long. I like that it’s chemical free. I feel the same way about LaVanila.

        Philosophy has some great fragrances that are very clean. People who hate perfume or can’t wear it do tend to love their Grace line. Pure Grace and Baby Grace are two of my favorites. They’re definitely worth a sniff.

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