You’ve Got This

A request to help spread the word about this was sent to me yesterday and I just saw it now. Because it’s partnering with “To Write Love On Her Arms”, I had to post this link (I’m a big supporter of TWLOHA.). Maybe someone will want to do this.

Public Truth Telling…

“Public truth telling is a form of recovery, especially when combined with social action. Sharing traumatic experiences with others enables victims to reconstruct repressed memory, mourn loss, and master helplessness, which is trauma’s essential insult. And, by facilitating reconnection to ordinary life, the public testimony helps survivors restore basic trust in a just world and overcome feelings of isolation. But the talking cure is predicated on the existence of a community willing to bear witness. ‘Recovery can take place only within the context of relationships,’ write Judith Herman. ‘It cannot occur in isolation.” ―Lawrence N. Powell, Troubled Memory: Anne Levy, the Holocaust, and David Duke’s Louisiana