On A Dime…

It’s amazing how your “love”, “friendship” and “loyalty” turned on a dime, and how you went behind my back, saying shit to anyone who would listen.

How can I ever believe anything you’ve ever said, now that I know how weak and dishonest it all was?

Maybe you wanted sympathy? Maybe you wanted compassion? See a fucking therapist, don’t go whining, publicly displaying your issues. Very few people truly care. I did, but not any more.

I’m not sure what you think you’re doing. I’m not sure what your motives are. But I do know one thing… I am DONE.

I could sit here and say precisely what I think and feel, but every single word of hatred is too good for you.

My life was fine without you, it will continue to remain so.

No one needs such a false friend, who lies and back-stabs, and yet accused others of heinous things.

I am starting to see that whatever you got, you deserved.

Don’t feign shock and surprise when I tell you that hell is too good for the likes of you.

The very bottom of the nearest garbage dumpster? Now that is more apropos.

If I hear one more lie, one more rumor, you will be sorry you ever deigned to turn in my direction.

Slink off pathetic little rat, before someone wipes the floor with you.

copyright © 2014 by Lisa Marino & Blackbird Serenity. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


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