4 thoughts on “Keep Us Safe

    • This is actually not her best vocal performance. I’ve heard her be absolutely incredible.

      I’m a little astounded that you haven’t heard her before, but my guess is, we don’t listen to the same types of music. I have extremely eclectic taste.

      • I like a fair mixture myself but she’s new to me. I’ll need to look her up on Youtube and have a listen to some of her other songs. It’s always possible I’ve heard her singing and never known the name. But I don’t recognise the voice and I’m usually fairly good at remembering voices even while names may elude. I’ll remember her now. 🙂

      • She’s been around for about ten years, I believe. She was on American Idol at some point, which isn’t a show I watch, but they have produced a few truly amazing, talented artists. Not as many as The Voice, but a decent amount.

        Look up Blown Away and Two Black Cadillacs. I love those songs. They’re both featured on my blog.

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