10 Reasons I Don’t Like Social Media

Reblogging because this is fucking brilliant and oh, so true.

Fish Of Gold

1. Slacktivism


I wrote a rant about slacktivism in the wake of the YesAllWomen hashtag onslaught, which by the way, is barely surviving on life support now. I just checked and while there are still tweets trickling in, the “movement” part of the movement is gone. It’s just a sad vestige of what it was, like a party the morning after or Myspace.

Slacktivism gives the appearance of supporting/not supporting something without actually doing anything about it. Passing along “if you agree, share this” type posts does nothing and social media is rife with slacktivism.

2. Nosiness


I mentioned the other day that my mom is my Facebook friend and it ruined Facebook for me. I never use the account attached to my name anymore.

I am a private person. I do not like my phone and Google maps knowing where I am all the time. Unless I’m using…

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