2 thoughts on “Hurricane

  1. I really like the song and it fitted well with the images. But they were pretty hellish in places. Is this a TV show or something? I’ve never seen it if it is. It looks as if viewers wouldn’t be bored but I don’t know if I could take the gore. Not without a cushion on standby. 😉

    • Yes, it’s a show. Da Vinci’s Demons. Depending on where you live, you’d have to see who carries it in your area. For me, it’s on Starz. It is a graphic novel-meets Rock ‘N Roll approach to a young Da Vinci’s life and accomplishments. It is not historically accurate, but it is BRILLIANT. However, it has it’s violence, graphic moments, etc., like most shows. There are plenty of portions that make me want to gag, or roll my eyes. But as a complete body of work, it truly is a brilliant show.

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