It’s Funny…

It's Funny...


4 thoughts on “It’s Funny…

      • I can be, depending on who I’m with. Laughter and happiness has no volume sometimes, so I’m told to keep it down. But on days I don’t feel like speaking or being social, then I feel like I’m on trial with all the questions people ask me.

      • That is true for me as well, but generally speaking, I’m pretty quiet all by my lonesome. Unless I’m watching sports, in which case, I know I can be heard 1-2 houses down.

        I wholeheartedly concur that laughter and happiness have no volume sometimes. Nor should they.

        LOL. I’m on trial for being quiet and not being super social at times too. Generally from people who don’t know me very well. I don’t read much into that.

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