National Best Friend Day…

National Best Friend Day


We don’t always get to choose our friends, sometimes they simply come into our lives and stay. Those that walk out, never to return, are often replaced by far better people who will be loyal and “get you”, without your ever having to do anything more than be yourself.

I am grateful (and extremely blessed) to have the amazing women in my life that get the honored title of “Best Friend”. One in particular though is about a quarter of a step away from me beating her soundly with a hockey stick (and I’m only partially kidding.). I am also grateful to the handful of people I get to call “Friend”.

I’ve always thought highly of friendship as one of the best relationships you can have in life. That’s probably just my own personal view on things, I know plenty of awful friends, and I’ve had many that are no longer in my life. That is why the good ones deserve so much praise.

Hugs & Love to my girls, my sisters-in-crime, the people I laugh with most, the ones who truly understand me. As for the rest? I really don’t give a damn, they’re not MY friends!