We’re Not…

We’re not speaking, and I don’t know why.

On my side I understand it very clearly, I have been betrayed and have nothing to say.

On your side are a plethora of excuses, born out of fear.

You would be right in that reaction, for I do not take kindly to betrayal, lies, or passive aggressive bullshit.

I have found you weak, I have found you unworthy. I have found you lacking in all things that matter.

Being polite and civil to me will only get you so far.

The simple fact is, I have no need for you any more.

There is no forgiveness to be had. So fly away, and please don’t ever return in my direction.

Copyright © 2014 by Lisa Marino & Blackbird Serenity LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


2 thoughts on “We’re Not…

  1. Powerful. I can’t help but wonder if my former best friend feels this way; she stopped speaking to me out of nowhere and with no explanation. I can say with all honesty of heart, that if she feels this way, it is a misunderstanding and I only wish she had talked to me about it rather than simply cutting me off.

    • I’ve been there several times, so I understand completely. There’s only so much reaching out you can do before you just say “Screw it!” If a person is unwilling to communicate with you, it’s on them. It doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt though, because it absolutely does. I, myself, prefer closure. If a person doesn’t want to be a part of my life, I can’t force them. However I find it really rude to cut someone off without giving them a reason. I find that unforgivable.

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