3 thoughts on “Indeed, I Do…

  1. I used to feel like that, but then I chose to not regret it – simply learned to walk away because the realization will hit that the only mistake I made was being the kinder person. We learn lessons from almost everyone we meet or interact with. In some cases they are painful, but it’s still quite necessary to have those types of unworthy people step into your life to ensure you know that’s exactly what you do not want.

    • I’m not that nice a person, Britt. I’m blunt and harsh, and I know that makes me a difficult friend at times, but I’m also fed up with the bullshit and drama. I walk away a lot too, mostly because it’s not worth engaging in stupidity with morons or people who want to take issue with unimportant things.

      I’ve always been a highly selective person, but I’ve reached a point where I am weeding out all the negative people for good. I do not have a desire to acquire new negative people either.

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