3 thoughts on “Run Not From The Darkness

    • Most people prefer pretty lies, as opposed to the truth. Therein lies one problem. A key example is that it might not occur to children to be afraid of the dark if they didn’t hear stories from adults or other children that make them question and doubt themselves.

      We need balance to survive, and that is the ultimate yin and yang of it all.

      • I totally agree. Experience etc good and bad is there to teach us.

        People have a problem with pain but in the same way I believe pain is there to teach and to help us be all that we are capable of being. People are scared of the darker side of life but without it our lives, lessons here on earth would be incomplete and would leave us unable to truly embrace and give thanks for all that’s good.

        Have a wonderful week, keep up the thought provoking and inspiring work and God bless you lots today and everyday 🙂

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