The Pink Moon

Technically the Full Moon began early this morning (EDT) and the Eclipse is past us, but I thought this info was good to share too. 


April’s Full Moon would usually be known as The Pink Moon, The Sprouting Grass Moon, The Egg Moon, the Fish Moon and the Seed Moon. But because this Full Moon falls on a total lunar eclipse, which many will have seen early this morning. it is what we call a Blood Moon. As the Moon gets caught in Earths shadow during the eclipse it turns red. If you missed the eclipse this morning here are some images of it:.

A lunar eclipse is a time when the Moon, the Sun, and the Earth are all in perfect alignment. Our planet sits between these two great bodies, and we feel the pull of the Moon on one side, with the warmth of the Sun on the other. It is a time when things just fall into place, our minds become clear and we can see what it is we need to see. We will get a moment of pure clarity.

This Full Moon symbolizes ‘powerful endings, closure, clearing out, completion .’ It heralds a time of major transitions. It represents letting go, purging and releasing especially on an emotional and psychological level. Be brave and face death. A new birth is upon us, a collective yearning for something better to arise in our world.

During the Full Moon phase in astrology, emotions tend to be like high tide in the Ocean. Surge of emotional intensity is now possible. There may be a lot more flowing out through tears, sorrow, pain and even joy. Consider the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Libra a time to restore the harmony and balance on many levels but especially the emotional. Relationship to your emotional self and emotional intimacy with others may be helpful now.

When we experience an eclipse, it is an opportunity for reset. A portal of alignment is created where new influence can take precedence over the old. This is the time to put your gratitude forth for all the many blessings in your life and to clearly speak aloud your intentions and desires to be heard by the universe as we step across this edge to the other side.

We are in a powerful time where we are asked to look at what is no longer working in our lives- where is the old skin stuck and inhibiting our further growth. Where are we surrounded by things, people, situations, attitudes that are actually toxic and need to be burned in the fire, so we can rebirth ourselves like the phoenix does.

This eclipse kicks off a series of Blood Moons called a tetrad, there will be 4 blood moons between now and next year which are spaced out at exactly 6 month periods, which many religious groups have heralded this as an end of days as there 666 months between each one and a verse from The King James Bible predicts: “The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and the terrible day of the LORD comes,” [Joel 2:31] This is not a Wiccan belief however and the world is not going to end.

Have a blessed Full Moon, may the Goddess watch over you.


*Full Credit goes to Wicca Teachings*

9 thoughts on “The Pink Moon

      • Just SICK of this! The only thing I have ever hated is the word “pain.” Bad day, tears flowing!

      • I understand it all too well. Today is one of my bad days. I just canceled my day because my body is like “I don’t freakin’ think so!”

        I don’t think people realize just how progressive it really is. I have friends in wheelchairs from this shit, so every day I can walk is a miracle. However, just because I can walk doesn’t mean my pain should be taken less seriously than anyone else’s. I don’t like the “pain competitions” so many people play with one another. It’s a fight for our lives, NOT a competition. I’d rather be a good, supportive friend and listen, than a competitive bitch.

        I’m here if you need me. I’m thinking of you.

      • I am so worried I am going to end up in a wheelchair, my biggest fear. Until recently I didn’t think it was progressive, but I now know it is progressive as mine is progressing rapidly.

  1. A very interesting post indeed. But do we need to seek a ‘good time’ , as you say, when we shed all that which no longer serves? To me this a constant regenerative process which we need to bring into our lives.


    • It depends on one’s spiritual beliefs. This is not meant to be taken as a “Do what I say and do it now.”, merely as a guidepost for those who are Wiccan and/or spiritual. If you do not adhere to either religious belief, as many do not, then you would do things at your own pace, when you are ready to do so. However, many people like to tap into the energy of the Full Moon and let it guide them, especially those, like me, that can sense it’s approach without looking at a calender. Obviously, that’s not a common ability, but I do know many people drastically different from me who can feel it without knowing that’s what they’re feeling.

      Thank you for reading. 🙂

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