Growing Compassion for Bipolar Disorder

Gwen Tuinman

header shot Anyone whose had a cold will tell you it’s uncomfortable. There’s a headachy feeling that renders us pale and listless. It comes on the heels of sleepless-can’t-breathe nights that leave our eyes ringed in shadows.

The thing about having a cold, is that everyone understands what ails us. We usually garner some degree of sympathy from those around us. Folks understand that the coughing, sneezing, and snuffling are symptoms. We don’t worry that people will find out we’ve gone to the doctor for help when the cold gets the better of us.

What if we changed the wording in the previous paragraph? Suppose that cold turned to bipolar disorder. Imagine that coughing, sneezing, and snuffling became mood swings, altered judgment, and puzzling behavior. What if we could change the words and the paragraphs still rang true?

shells 2 Those whose loved ones are involved and supportive tend…

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Making Big Plans When You Don’t Know What Your Health Situation Will Be

Making Big Plans When You Don’t Know What Your Health Situation Will Be

*This happens to me when I travel too. Pretty much every time I fly, I get a migraine either before I’m off the plane, or within 48 hours. Thankfully people that know me understand I might just disappear early one and lay down until the following day. No one takes it personally, and they go out of their way to make sure the temperature is just right and there’s no noise whatsoever.*