Happy Black Moon For March 2014

Tonight is the Black Moon, named because it is the second New Moon in the same month. The second Black Moon to happen this year, as January also had a Black Moon, which isastrologically very rare.The New Moon in Aries heralds in a powerful new start. This is also the start of a new year in Astrology, the zodiac always starts with Aries.

This New Moon is truly a new birth of life, inspiration and ideas. It is energetically connected to the womb of evolution, like a butterfly coming out of it’s chrysalis. The earth is changing now all around us as it wakes for the Spring, we are also waking up to what we need to do to grow and move on in our lives. 

The energy of transformation is being seeded within each of us. So find your inner spiritual warrior who will guard your back and help keep you focused on your destiny. And don’t be afraid to step in and defend people, places, and animals who can’t help themselves. Find the kind of warrior energy you carry and bring it to the surface.

The New Moon in Aries makes a bold statement and thus leaves no stone un-turned as it may symbolically or literally directly point the way to the path that is untraveled. Within the unknown or unfamiliar, the Divine has the opportunity to bring in wonderful surprises. This is a time to make wishes and go for what you want.

This New Moon is all about change, it is a breath of much needed fresh air. Get rid of old baggage that holds you back. Let the fire of Aries cleanse and heal you. This is a lucky time, so do things that you felt you couldn’t do in the past, be a bit bolder, a bit louder ask for what you want from the universe, let your thoughts and desires manifest into something real.

Have a Blessed New Moon, may the Goddess watch over you.

*100% written credit goes to Wicca Teachings*

10 thoughts on “Happy Black Moon For March 2014

  1. I am truly feeling alive with the energies of this one….more so than I ever have with a dark or full moon in the past. Charge on! A beautiful and strong energy much needed after winter’s slumber! Happy Black Moon! Great post. Thank you!

  2. Just a query if you don’t mind ….. Down here in the southern hemisphere we’re heading into Autumn. That is diametrically opposed to the ‘new year’ and new beginnings – isn’t it? So how do we approach it to maximize its potential ?
    I would really be interested to know. Thank you. Susan

    • Yes, it is different, though it can still be rife with new beginnings as you move towards Fall’s mid-way point. Death is, after all, rebirth.

      October 31st is the end of the Wheel of the Year. You’d be looking at harvesting information and the Wiccan New Year is Samhain, so you can view this for more info about that time of year for your hemisphere.


      Hope this is helpful!

      • Thank you, it’s been really strange (even after many years) since I still feel the pull and orientation towards the northern hemisphere. (English born an bred).
        In an peculiar quirk, or irony, I look for the seasonal changes as I remember them, as they appear to be in my nlood. Does that make sense or am I totally out of sync with myself and the seasons?
        Susan x

      • No, you’re not out of sync. It makes perfect sense. Your body knows what is normal and what isn’t for it, so you feel pulled towards what would be normal routine for you in terms of seasons. For me, it would be extremely disturbing to have the seasons all screwed up like that. Obviously if a person is used to it, they don’t know how different it is elsewhere. It’s quite similar to someone growing up in a warm/hot climate and suddenly being thrown into 30 degree temperatures. It’s a shock to the system, and no matter how long you’ve lived somewhere, it remains a shock to the system because we’re creatures of habit.

      • Thank you, I no longer feel as though I’m odd or deranged for feeling this way. I still consider England as my spiritual home, so perhaps that explains everything.
        Very much appreciated.
        Blessed Be
        Susan x

      • Our psyches’ react quite strongly to where we feel the most connected. I may no longer live where I was born and raised, but if a person asks me where I’m from, I don’t say I’m from where I live now. My accent is generally a dead giveaway, but most people don’t listen for it or know the difference.

      • Its strange how people don’t notice accents as much, yet it is one of the first thinhs I notice. Perhaps its part of the dislocation feeling – you notice these things because they matter to ‘you’.
        Thank you,
        Susan x

      • Some people aren’t very attentive to others, therefore they don’t notice anything that might stand out about them. I notice EVERYTHING, I’m hyper-aware, so when people ask me to repeat myself constantly, without ever explaining why, I know it’s my accent and the fact that I tend to speak relatively quickly. Rarely does someone say “I didn’t hear you, could you repeat that.” No, they say “I don’t understand, can you repeat that.”, when I speak so clearly and concisely in all things that it starts to get on my nerves after a while.

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