Cymbalta Warning

Cymbalta Warning

*I have a lot of experience with this medication, and no, I have not had any of these issues going off of it. In fact, there aren’t a lot of side effects when you’re on it. Everyone is different though, so I am posting this for those that need to be aware, as a precaution.*


2 thoughts on “Cymbalta Warning

  1. I took Cymbalta for a few years and then was slowly tapered off. I did experience those “brain zaps” for months after discontinuing the drug. It felt like little electric shocks and was very unnerving. Luckily they did finally stop.
    Thank you kindly for sharing this information.

    • I went off cold turkey and did not experience any side effects coming off of it. I was on an enormous dose too, over 300 mgs to help with the Fibromyalgia. It worked, it ran its course, but it still made me feel like a human being for a long time.

      We are all very different in how we respond to medication. One person’s saving grace is another person’s poison, and so on.

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