Why Vets Are Getting Away With Murder

Why Vets Are Getting Away With Murder


*I think I’ve been lucky to find a vet that isn’t pushing vaccinations. If I skip a year, she tells me it’s ok. In fact, we’ve spoken about it and only a few are mandatory if your pet needs a license. Beyond that, it’s your choice. Obviously dogs exposed to other dogs probably need more vaccinations, just to be on the safe side. I do not own a dog, so I cannot speak for dog owners or their thoughts. I can only speak as a pet owner. I don’t believer in obsessing and over-vaccinating. In fact, I think it’s a lot healthier not to.*


2 thoughts on “Why Vets Are Getting Away With Murder

  1. The only vaccines my girls get are the mandatory rabies shots, and I opt for the 3-year. It’s just too hard on them to into the vet any more often than utterly necessary. I feel bad that Evie has to go in every year now for her thyroid check, but that’s 100% necessary.

    • The first one, as a kitten, is a 1 year rabies shot. After that they’re 3 year boosts, but my vet says it’s fine if they miss a booster here and there. She doesn’t panic or make a big stink over it. She’s much more concerned with the things I’m concerned about. She’s truly the most caring, affectionate vet I have ever come across in all my cat owning years and she makes me feel good about going to see her.

      Every vet is different with the thyroid check. I was going about 4-6 times a year initially, but that was because the medicine wasn’t working and we were trying to adjust the dose properly to try and get it to work. It’s probably different when it works, which I have no experience with.

      I don’t like taking them to the vet either. It upsets their little worlds and it stresses me out with them crying in the car. If people heard me talking the entire trip, they’d think I was talking to a baby, or myself. It’s stressful. Especially if you have to chase an animal to start with and get them into their carrier, etc. I do it, obviously, but sometimes it gives me a headache.

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