Who is the one person in this world that would help you off your ledge? “Your ledge” might be a day of insanity, deep, dark depression, horrible anxiety, anger, fear. It might just be a day of insecurity or an issue you’re having in your daily life. It can be anything, really.

Who is the one person that, with certainty, you know would push you off that ledge and not shed a tear?

6 thoughts on “Who?

    • In the past six years, I have seen who was willing to betray me over nothing, who was willing to step up when everyone else stepped away, who was willing to make assumptions, and who was willing to go the extra mile. When you’ve been through hell, you learn a LOT about those around you. I’ve always been a very clear seer of others, but now I see things in a very discerning way. It’s healthy to look closely at your own world like this.

      Thought-provoking questions definitely help you re-evaluate your own priorities.

  1. Who would help me off my ledge? The people that always have. My husband, and my best friend (that’s you). Who would push me? Probably my sister-in-law.

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