It Is Only In…..

It Is Only In…

“It is only in the darkest of nights, at the moment when we know true despair, that our star shines brightest and leads us onward, because when the sun shines and we are happy, we do not look for stars.” -Laurell K. Hamilton

4 thoughts on “It Is Only In…..

    • She’s an amazing author, if you’ve never read any of her work. It will offend most people if a lot of sex in a book bothers them (I don’t read much into it. Fiction is fiction,), but I relate to a lot of the things she says as a person, outside of her work.

      • I’ve been reading her stuff for about 12 years. I have every single book, except for the most recent one. I still read it, and it was better than the previous few.

        People bitch so much about her work, as if they’ve never read a sex scene before in their lives. I just roll my eyes. I’ve been accused of all kinds of things, simply for reading it myself. People are so anal, truly.

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