FDA Warns Doctors, Pharmacists Against Prescribing High Doses Of Acetaminophen

I find this ridiculous since doctors claim Tylenol is “the safest OTC medicine you can take”. They have made this claim for longer than I have been alive. This sort of thing just makes me shake my head in disgust. It heightens my desire to leave this country.

2 thoughts on “FDA Warns Doctors, Pharmacists Against Prescribing High Doses Of Acetaminophen

  1. Hey Moon I live in Canada and have known that tylenol (acetaminophen) is bad for the liver for years now. My question is advil/motrin (ibuprofen) as it seems to have replaced tylenol as the wonder drug… how much damage are we doing to ourselves with that one?

    • That was not my point. You’d have to be taking way more than the recommended dosage every single day for YEARS in order to do damage, unless you are already liver compromised. Lowering the dose of Tylenol in prescription drugs is ridiculous. A lot of the medications that are combination drugs need the Tylenol to deliver the medicine into the system. There is always a catalyst within the entirety of the drug. They rarely tell us how they work, we’re simply supposed to take it, ya know? And those of us that suffer from pain disorders, we DO take it, otherwise we’d lose our minds altogether eventually.

      I have always found ibuprofen and aspirin based medicines far more damaging to the system than anything else. I don’t take either, but my reasoning is different. They are harsher, that’s for sure.

      I know plenty of people that take low dose coated aspirin to prevent heart attacks and strokes. That doesn’t seem to affect their overall health in a negative way, but if they took large doses, it absolutely affects the body at some point.

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