Best Diet For Fibromyalgia

Best Diet For Fibromyalgia

If you try this and it works for you, let me know. 


12 Things You Should Keep In Your Car For Emergencies

There’s a list of other things that I will add to this soon, but in general, have a “go bag” that is good for year-round emergencies.


Snowy, icy winters make for especially treacherous driving, so you usually see lists like this published when the first storms of the year hit. That’s not quite fair, though. Emergencies come up in any climate and at any time of year. You may not need all of them year-round, but here are a dozen things that can help you out in an emergency on the road.

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I Fucking Dare …

I Fucking Dare You!!

“Attack the people I love, and eventually I will come after you. Attack me, and I will laugh in your face. Continue to fuck with the people I love and I will give you an option: Public humiliation or absolute destruction via the weapon of my choosing. Be careful what you say and do when you think I’m some passive, sweet, gullible, little chicken shit. I’m NOTHING you think I am. I have claws, fangs, and venom you will not recover from. Try me motherfucker. I FUCKING DARE YOU!! -Rachel Locke