One thought on “Researchers Find Possible Biological Basis for Fibromyalgia

  1. so many people suffer from these type of conditions where there is no infection or damage from exercise such as doms pain. I am wondering if it might be nutritional deficiency condition? our bodies when they are strapped for certain nutrients will rob from other parts of the body to get it (hence they need inflammation to break tissues down to access the nutrients) genetics and nutritional factors determine where they rob first. some get robbed in the intentines and develope chrones, some in the joints, arthritis, some in the muscles, (I believe there is a hyarchial importance in the body)some in the nerves (ms which my sister had) one substance all cells need is cholesterol sulfate and vitad3 (which is very close to choelsterol sulfate) cholesterol sulfate is the glue that holds you together and resists microbes imagine if the heart or brain orlungs dont get enough they will literally leak (and allow ions to leak out)and allow pathogens in. I am wondering it the muscles are being tapped (hence inflammation and pain)for years I sufferd muscle pains in my legs and ankles all the time I thought it was all this weight I have. my grandmother had this problem and she was overweight too. so I figured it was weight, when i would exercise say a hour or so walking or hiking I would hurt like the dickens for serveral days and my ankles too. now I dont anymore, walk and exercise all the time now still heavy and yet no pain. werid. I took mega doses of vitad3 for several months (say like 4 months) then down the dosage to 2000 or 3000 iu.I also increased my fiber intake my veggie protein intake and whole dairy milk eat kefir all the time, fruit, especially bananas, after a while I noticed i could sleep thorugh the night without having to get up and eat. I am under the impression since my grandma and I had the exact same symptoms we do not have the ability to make vitad3 in the skin since I love sun bathing and do not use sunscreen.she lived in arizona, too.she too was out in the sun all the time too.(except the dead summer it was way to hot)so what gives? dont put to much faith in the doctors they are paid to push drugs that treat symptoms not causes. they have no interest in curing you or anyone else. some doctors might but they are tied by regulations and fear of gov punishment

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