10 Causes Of Fibromyalgia Your Doctor May Not Know About

10 Causes Of Fibromyalgia Your Doctor May Not Know About


Some of these might me extremely valid for some people, so I am sharing this. It’s not going to be the case for those of us who are pretty positive as to what caused this illness to make its way into our lives, but if this helps someone, all the better.



4 thoughts on “10 Causes Of Fibromyalgia Your Doctor May Not Know About

  1. I don’t have fibromyalgia but I do know what it’s like to be in physical pain all the time thanks to Lyme Disease. And so I’m sympathetic.

      • I love my doctor, I just need to catch up with her. A new friend of mine I met on WordPress actually brought up a whole new list of medications SHE’S on that I’ve never heard of before and would love to look into. Some of the same ones like Lamictal and Luvox I feel like I’ll always be on, but the rest are always being played around with.

      • Research medications before bringing them to your doctor’s attention. Not every drug someone else takes is something your doctor will be comfortable discussing. Some of them are heavy handed with the prescription pad and others, not so much.

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