The Smallest……

The Smallest…

“The smallest feline is a masterpiece.” ―Leonardo da Vinci




Da Vinci was, indeed, correct. This little masterpiece is all mine. 🙂 In typical predatory fashion, she’s murdering a feather wand. She’s not happy about the camera, but once she was distracted by the wand, I was able to take some good shots of her. My troublesome little minx.


2 thoughts on “The Smallest……

    • She really is, when she’s not biting my toes and ankles. LOL. I know she’s going to outgrow this behavior though, so I a, just trying to enjoy all of her milestones. She’s gotten bigger since coming home and has gained some weight as well. She was so tiny and skinny, now she’s filling out and loving her home. It’s a nice feeling seeing her take over like she’s always been here.

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