The Kitten Formerly Known As Precious…

My little baby has officially received her name. 🙂

I was hoping to post it with a really good photo, but the little skunk keeps fussing with me every time I take a picture of her. She’ll take off the second she sees the camera, or she’ll get nose to nose with the lens and I’ll have to delete the photo. She’s always in action. I’ve got a bunch of photos of her sleeping, and a few with her eyes rolled back while awake, so it looks like there’s something wrong with her. There isn’t, unless you count the fact that she was climbing around my head this morning and damn near gave me a nose piercing! I immediately grabbed my face and, because she aimed for cartilage, she hit pay dirt on a blood source as she moved the nail from my nose towards my cheekbone. So, not only did she wake me, but she made sure I wasn’t going back to bed because I had a face to salvage. She’s lucky she’s little…


However, the littlest one also has a very cool name. VERITY FIREBOLT. I know what you’re thinking,,, “That’s weird. Why does she have two names?”

For starters, I had several names for kittens picked out. I’ve had them picked out for three years. Verity means “Truth” in Latin and it means “Truth” or “True” in a few other languages as well. As it is spelled, the name is from the movie “Die Another Day”, which has scorpions, diamonds, and James Bond in it (three of my favorite things. I am definitely a Sean Connery & Daniel Craig sort of James Bond fan though, as opposed to others that have played the role. I have seen every single one of those movies more times than I care to count.).

Firebolt, if you aren’t a fan, is from Harry Potter. I always said that if I got a black cat, or a predominantly black cat (at the time I was thinking black dog, but I’m sticking with kittens and cats for the duration after realizing certain things about myself.), I would name it Firebolt. Initially her name was just going to be Verity (I’m calling her V, along with Teacup, as nicknames.), but her personality is definitely that of a little lightning bolt. She’s fiery and fierce, just like her Mommy, and she deserves a strong name. That’s how she got hers. 🙂

This name is so fitting of her. She’s very honest with her emotions and affections, she’s got a lot of attitude, she loves who she loves, she runs around like a cheetah searching for prey, and I chose her name based on all of those qualities. She’s definitely living up to it!

I will post more photos as she continues to settle in and grow. Right now, she’s avoiding the modeling contract. LOL.


9 thoughts on “The Kitten Formerly Known As Precious…

    • She has her moments, like when she’s sleeping. LOL. It’s only been the last few days where she’s taken complete control over the entire house, running around like her butt is on fire.

      I was trying to keep her contained a bit because she’s so tiny and I worry about what she could get into if I can’t find her (she gets into and under EVERYTHING). I think the lack of siblings and/or playmates is the reason she’s attacking my feet and biting. She still has her baby teeth, so she’s not hurting me, but I don’t want her to develop biting as a habit as she gets older. I’m trying to get her a playmate that is the same age, but the current “owner” wants me to take a brother and sister duo, and I only want one of them. I understand why she wants to keep them together, but right now I feel like three is too many.

      She really IS a sweet little baby, when she’s not jumping all over me and ripping my face open. I know it was an accident, she apologized and cuddled into my lap to “make amends”, but it’s been a long time since I’ve had an animal behave like this with me. I really just think she’s feeling her oats and adjusting.

    • She’s in constant motion. I have no idea how she does it, I am exhausted just watching her run around all day without much of a break. She’s so cute though,and very sweet and playful. She’s my joy for the holidays, for sure.

  1. I think her name is fantastic. Verity has always been a word I thought was cool. And Firebolt! As a fellow HP fan, I approve. 😉 I think it’s so great she has such a fiery personality (depending on the context). Definitely a great match for you.

    • I was thinking ‘Truth’ for a while, so I checked it out in about ten different languages to try to give her a name that was meaningful. I kept coming back to Verity, which is really quite pretty. Cats respond best to names that end in an “ee” sound, which is only part of why I chose it. She also responds to Pumpkin Butt, so apparently that theory is kind of shot. LOL.

      Apart from the rampant kitten curiosity, she is very similar to me in many respects. Some cats are good at adopting the behavior and personality traits of whoever they are closest to. She’s a Mama’s Girl. I hope she doesn’t grow out of it, but in all honesty, I think she might once she gets a playmate. I don’t want her to grow up thinking biting is ok, outside of love bites. I have never raised a cat to think biting and scratching is acceptable behavior, but she’s still young and isn’t doing it on purpose, she’s just fixating on who she spends the most time with, so I think having a playmate her own age will be healthier for her. They’ll tire each other out, as opposed to me chasing a kitten around saying “No.” for hours on end. And once they’re adults, they will decide who they love and who they like. That’s what I love most about cats, they choose you, despite you doing so much for them. For me, that’s an honesty I respect.

      I knew only HP fans would know where I got Firebolt from. I don’t use it when I call for her, but at least it shows I put some thought into it. I like creative names.

    • I’m only using her first name, really. I like the creativity of it and how it’s unique to her. Most of the time though, I just call her V. As long as it’s my voice and the tone is right, she’ll respond to anything, including Pumpkin Butt. LOL.

      My face will heal pretty quickly thanks to the Neosporin I keep using on the cut to keep it from scarring. It was an accident, but I am still going to try cutting her nails down in a few days. She’s been sharpening them repeatedly each day with the scratching post, which I still think is a good idea to keep her from obsessing over furniture, but I really don’t think I need to be smacked around when I walk past her. She doesn’t like my spa socks, so she smacks me when I walk past her, grabs my toes, and bites. It’s only cute when they’re little. I don’t want her to think this is acceptable behavior as she continues to grow.

      I can’t wait to be able to show better photos of her. She’s really quite the cutie.

      • Pumpkin butt! LOL. Yeah, it’s ok when they’re little but they definitely need to learn that it isn’t appropriate as they are growing into adulthood. And I can’t wait to see the photos. I know she doesn’t love the camera now, but she better get used to it. Her fans want to see her! haha.

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