“Exhaustion without reward is torture.”―Kerlynne Ferrer

*The “reward” is having a tiny little kitten curl into my side each night or whenever I’m in pain and need to lay down, who just lays down beside me purring. The “exhaustion” is chasing her around the house (I never realized how much room this actually is for someone under three pounds!) trying to keep her out of trouble because she’s about half the size as her photo showed. I strongly suggest anyone with any form of Chronic Pain or Fibromyalgia skip kittenhood altogether, and adopt a cat that is at least a year old, because I’m ready to fall on the floor, or sleep for the next six weeks, one or the other. I’m running myself ragged cleaning up after her (it’s minimal, but the bending down to constantly scoop her up is KILLING an already badly injured lower back), keeping her out of trouble, and keeping her safe. She has some weird fears, fears she will either outgrow as she continues to adapt, or fears she might hold on to if I don’t remain attentive to them, so I’ve got “escape route” scratches everywhere from my collarbone to my hip, and a couple of small ones on each arm that were her “jumping off points”.

I have tried to be sensitive to others in naming her because sometimes you hear a name and it makes you think of your own life and the things you’ve been through and lost, be it a home, a loved one’s life, or anything really. No one wants to hear an animal’s name and have it be a trigger for them, myself included. I like very unique names, so this is a difficult process as her personality is ever-changing. Officially I am trying out four different names, and I like the idea of giving her a first name and a middle name, which helps inspire some of the nicknames she has already gotten. I think it’ll be a few more weeks, possibly a month, until I make a solid decision. I don’t want to be hasty about it at all. For now, all I can say is she is wonderfully exhausting, sweet, playful, and hyper as all hell. But when she’s calm, she’s 100% by my side or in my lap. That’s pretty good considering she’s only been here since Wednesday evening. However, I KNEW she was trouble when she walked in. LOL.*


2 thoughts on “Exhaustion……

  1. HaHa! She sounds like a typical newborn delightful and dismaying simultaneously!
    Perhaps you could call her Teaspoon? Bless her furry little heart.

    • Newborns sleep for the first few months, this kitten is energy personified. She liked me from the second she met me. It was really cute. She came right up to me, smelled my hair, and that was IT, she decided I was acceptable. LOL. Now that she’s been home these past few days, she’s super affectionate and is constantly finding things for me. Tonight she found a misplaced lip balm, yesterday she found something under my bed and brought it to me like a prize. It’s really funny. I feel bad because she was in a home with three adult cats and four other foster kittens, so she had constant playmates. Here, it’s just me. I am hoping to get her at least one “sibling” soon.

      I actually have her name settled, but it’s been a bit of a dispute. My brother thought I should name her one thing (She totally disarms him with her cuteness.), my boyfriend had another name in mind (It actually made me roll my eyes.), and I just looked at both of them and said “If you want a cat, go and adopt one. You’re not choosing her name, I’ve had this picked out for three years.” She’s got about a dozen nicknames thus far from all of us. She responds to all of them, so I think it’s mostly just our voices above all else. I do find myself calling her Teacup as a nickname, but it’s generally something I’d call most female kittens at her age. I have a feeling she’s going to be small in general, her paws are so tiny. They’re like little rabbit paws, so cute. Once she is calmer, I will post more photos.

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