Actually, My “Edit Button” Doesn’t Exist…

Actually, My “Edit Button” Doesn’t Exist…

“Most of what I say is complete truth. My edit button is broken.”―Myra McEntire

*Picked up Monday’s kitten this afternoon. After finally breaking her of overly hyper insanity, she is now sitting on my lap purring away happily. Photos and introduction of the new member of my family very soon. Thanks to everyone that supported me on this. 🙂 *


4 thoughts on “Actually, My “Edit Button” Doesn’t Exist…

    • She’s pretty sweet. 🙂 Thus far she’s too hyper for me to get photos of her when she’s not asleep, but I might post a few of those, just for show. It’s hard to capture her looks fully because she’s predominantly jet black.

      It’s going to take some time for her to get used to men though, she completely freaked out when I introduced her to someone last night. She saw him, tore out of my arms, slid her nails down my back, and hid under a huge piece of furniture until he lowered his voice. I’m covered in unintentional scratches from her freaking out a few times and running off to hide. Cats tend to be more receptive to women in general, something about the normal octave of female voices, but she’s also really tiny, so I think it’ll take her a while to get comfortable with others. She liked me the second she met me and she spent about four hours sleeping in my lap while I worked after bringing her home. She’s so affectionate.

      It’s still a bit weird for me, and very emotional, and despite having chosen her name, which she is already responding to, I may have to change it or give her a few nicknames. That means going back to the drawing board, as I only ever choose unique names. I almost called her the wrong name a few times last night, which is unintentional, obviously, but made me feel bad all the same.

      Thanks for your support in my kitten quest. Talk to you soon! *hugs*

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