Pineapple: Nature’s Forgotten Super Food

Awesome info on the health and healing benefits of pineapple. I love it and it always makes me feel better.


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The pineapple was originally from Brazil (though there are different varieties found elsewhere in the world). The pineapple was spread by natives around South America and eventually to the Caribbean and the Indies – and hit Europe in the 1400s.  Traditionally societies in South America have used pineapples to reduce digestive upset and irritation.

Pineapple Health Benefits

Pineapple contains an enzyme called bromelain.  It is the bromelain, found mainly in the core of the pineapple, which causes most people to feel a burning or stinging sensation in their mouth when eaten. Bromelain is a protein-digesting (proteolytic) enzyme complex which is able to hydrolyze or break down a wide variety of protein types in a range of both acid and alkaline environments.

This has fairly obvious health benefits when you consider that many of the foods you eat contain high amounts of protein and they have been thoroughly cooked, destroying most…

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5 thoughts on “Pineapple: Nature’s Forgotten Super Food

  1. Interesting article. I had a craving, bordering on obsession, for fresh pineapple (plenty in Australia) when I was pregnant. The baby was a happy, settled baby and is now a lovely young man of 13. 🙂

    • I’m a firm believer that our bodies know exactly what we need, which is why we have cravings, but it’s equally as true during pregnancy. If I don’t eat enough fruit, salad, and lean protein, you don’t want to be around me. If I don’t get the occasional craving met, I’m an insane person. I tried going vegetarian and vegan earlier this year and nearly lost my mind. It’s simply not the right move for a person that needs balance in all things.

      Normally we crave very specific things during pregnancy, and it’s all about the nutrient needs of the baby. Boys and girls seemingly require different things, but every single woman is different in this respect. A lot of women tend to crave more fruit & veggies when they’re having boys, but sometimes the opposite is true. I think the most important thing though is having a healthy child. That’s a blessing. 🙂

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