Young IDF Soldier Killed

Young IDF Soldier Killed

This story is all over the news in many forms, so I’m sure some of you have heard it, even if only in passing.

It’s heartbreaking to me that Palestinians are being taught such violence and hatred at such a young age, whereas Sabras (Israeli born Jews) and Jews born outside of Israel aren’t taught hate. I was not raised to hate, I was raised to treat every individual on a case-by-case basis. To this day, that is still how I treat people. I don’t spew hatred and I don’t like carrying around hatred within myself. In times likes these, it simply hurts me that there is such a lack of compassion for humanity in this world.

So many of us have passions and interests that we support in so many different ways, but in turn, we forget to support each other. That’s unacceptable to me, and I hope that one day that changes and people start to see the error of their ways.

In the Jewish religion, we light Yahrzeit to light the way to a happy after-life. Even those who do not believe in reincarnation still do this, especially after the passing of a loved one, or in remembrance of someone we may have never even met. Having lost both of my parents and over 60 friends, family members, and pets, I could probably burn my house down with the amount of candles I’m supposed to light on a yearly basis and on the High Holy Days. I can’t always do it because it fills me with a lot of pain at times to do so.

In light of this tragedy, I hope that some people will purchase a candle (Yahrzeit usually burns for 24-30 hours straight, each one is slightly different in terms of how long it lasts) and light it in honor of a young life lost. One day, there will no longer be a need to light candles for tragedies such as this.

No matter who you are, no matter your religious or spiritual beliefs, remember that you are still a human being.


4 thoughts on “Young IDF Soldier Killed

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      • I’m blah. Super achy all over and feeling drained of my life force. I’m hoping the chilled feeling and the sneezing is just Fibro related and not something else, though anything is possible when the weather is 20 degrees and then suddenly moving towards 65. I can’t tolerate intense cold or intense heat anymore. The cold never bothered me so much as it has these last few years. It does nothing for my mood either. I’ve spent my weekend watching Sons of Anarchy & Da Vinci’s Demons on DVD. There are still plenty of episodes left on Da Vinci, thank God!!

        Hope all is well on your end with your health and the family. Speak soon. Don’t forget to friend me on FB. 🙂

      • I sent you the e-mail weeks ago, but I just sent another.

        I watch Da Vinci’s Demons religiously, it’s like an addiction.

        We always need time and patience to watch anything, especially when we’re in pain. I could honestly go weeks without watching anything, but all it takes it a sleepless night and I’m in front of the TV catching up on whatever is on my DVR because I know how much it can hold at one time. Movies don’t always get watched all in one shot either, I have to really be into something to sit through the entire thing.

        It’s so easy for our moods to drop and the pain gets worse when that happens. Plus, a lot of it is medication side effects as well. There is nothing that solves everything.

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