4 thoughts on “The Strongest Soldiers

    • I’ll pretty much say ANYTHING, though I do have a filter, so I definitely think before I speak.

      My morning was weird, and cold. They’re using a word that shouldn’t be used this early in November: SNOW. I’m too tired for for snow. LOL. I actually said “I’ll get groceries tomorrow, I am NOT dealing with 20 degree temperatures today.” If I did, I’d be an icicle when I got home and completely incapable of doing anything. However, I’m still in top form because I am definitely squeezing in a manicure.

      • I have family & friends in California, so I’m well aware of the drastic difference in climate. I find it so unnatural because, for me, having true seasons helps keep me balanced.

        I’ve talked about it on my blog, and I think a lot of people thought I was joking, but I’m truly not good in the sun or the heat (another big part of my family is in Florida) and I literally go into hibernation for part of the Winter because my body just can’t stand the wind chill. I haven’t found a single place that remains within the exact temperature range I can tolerate year round. This is physically as far south as I ever want to get again, and my family home in MA is the farthest point North I ever want to be in terms of temperature. Being up there though is great during the Spring, Summer, and early Fall because it’s five minutes from the beach. It’s peaceful and the air smells perfectly beachy. It’s not perfection, but it is peaceful.

        Nails are a lot of of upkeep, aren’t they? LOL. I’m such a girl’s girl. I like going when no one else has the same idea, which guarantees it’s quiet and relaxing. It’s one of the only things I do that is for me and me alone. We all need something that makes us feel good, however little or much it may be.

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