Rethinking Mental Illness

Rethinking Mental Illness

I came across this and I do agree that we need to talk about it. It needs to stop being treated like something we can only speak of in hushed tones. The increased rate of suicide in people being treated for various forms of depression has drastically increased over the last few years, and yet, when you tell a doctor or a therapist that you think of suicide often and that you have a plan, they don’t take you seriously unless they believe you need to be hospitalized. The truth is, if someone is going to follow through on suicide, they aren’t going to discuss it with anyone. It’s a very personal, private thing.

I lost someone very dear to me to suicide 20 years ago. One of my brother’s best friends committed suicide eight years ago, less than a year after being discharged from the Army Rangers. I have very close friends that have lost siblings and other family members to suicide, so I don’t find it a laughing matter in any capacity. I, myself, am extremely open about these topics and I discuss them at length in the most direct fashion possible. I detest the stigma placed upon people who suffer from depression, and the labels and whispers that follow in their wake. It enrages me.

Don’t be afraid to get help or to talk about what you feel. Be afraid if you don’t talk about it.

3 thoughts on “Rethinking Mental Illness

  1. I tried suicide a while back, the signs were there, but nobody seen them. They know now what to look out for. I have also lost people I love to suicide. Leaving us thinking “Why did they do it, was it me?” or whatever.
    I think you are correct, this subject needs met head on, because it is real and it happens more than many believe. The suicide rates of kids between 18 and 22 in the UK have risen heavily in the last 20 years. Why? Do the harsh realities of life get to people?
    For me personally it was pain and I couldn’t see another day without pain.

    Great blog Lisa.. x
    You never fail to hit the nail on the head Lisa.
    I still say you are part Scottish, you don’t mess around.

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