Sunshine Award


Thank you to Shaun @ for this award. I swear, no one else is thinking about me when it comes to awards. (I’m sort of kidding, but I’ve gotta give a man his props.)

The rules of this award are the following:

1) Use the logo above in the post.

2) Link to whoever nominated you.

3) Write ten pieces of information about yourself.

4) Nominate ten fellow bloggers “who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere.”

5) Leave a comment on the nominees’ blogs to tell them of the award.

Ten pieces of information about myself:

1. I know more about forensics than I will ever let on.

2. It drives me utterly insane when a person can’t spell or makes basic errors when writing, myself included. We all possess the Spell Check option, do we not? Some people really need to use it. I’m a total word Nazi.

3. It makes me ill when a book is far more phenomenal than its movie counterpart. This is generally the case due to time restrictions, but I’d much rather watch a well made movie in 4+ hours (or broken into two parts, like Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows) than a bad one in an hour and twenty minutes.

4. I’m an October Scorpio. Most people assume we’re all evil, manipulative, and jealous. I am none of the above, which is a benefit of severe self-awareness.

5. One of the most difficult things for me to do is ask for help.

6. I’m really proud of the person I’ve become. I’ve worked hard to be someone I can look in the mirror and respect. I think it’s an incredibly important thing in life to achieve.

7. If I lose respect for you, that’s a big problem. Once you break it, you’re forever on thin ice.

8. I wouldn’t wish Fibromyalgia on my worst enemy, whomever he or she may be.

9. After swearing up and down that I’d never touch or try sushi, I finally did in the last week or so. I have a new favorite type of food! I even went back for seconds.

10. Setting aside the fact that I’m a writer at heart, at the core of who I am, I’m also a frustrated jewelry designer and make-up artist. Those are my secondary creative outlets.

I now nominate 10 people:

1. Knocked Over By A Feather

2. Not Taken, Not Available

3. Welcome To The Fish Bowl

4. My Spoken Heart

5. Finding My Inner Courage

6. High, High, Higher…

7. Pocket Money Polishes

8. I Didn’t Have My Glasses On

9. Fairytale Epidemic

10. Bipolar BarbieQ

I hope you can all accept. I chose each person for their unique approach at blogging, which I respect. There’s room here for all of us. Be kind, be safe.

You don’t have to do the whole list to accept the award, as I know many of you are exhausted from them.


12 thoughts on “Sunshine Award

  1. As always, I appreciate you thinking of me. Thank you for the shoutout, it means a lot. Also, I’m so glad you’re a sushi convert now! I love sushi so this really makes me happy.

    Hope you’re having a good weekend! I myself need to get my butt off the internet and actually start doing work now lol.

    • It’s hard not to, because you’re one of a handful that has welcomed me and treated me like a person from day one.

      I’m still venturing around the sushi. So far I’ve stuck to California rolls, which are very fresh tasting. I’m not so sure about anything beyond that, and the first time I used way too much wasabi and ginger and was in tears. I should be used to wasabi having grown up with horseradish, but it was very freshly made and intense. I will definitely need some recommendations on other things because I’m such a picky eater.

      I had to do the same thing this weekend, get my ass of the Internet and WORK. I was able to produce 10 pages of quality work that I am proud of for my presentation tomorrow, so even though it makes me beyond ill to have to do it, at least every last word is some of my best work ever.

  2. Glad you tried sushi! I didn’t want to try it either until I was about 22 years old? My date taught me how to eat and enjoy it, and to use chopsticks! lol.

    Hope you are well Lisa, and as always, I appreciate that you keep me in your thoughts. ♥ Luvluv.

    • I’ve avoided it for 17 years, even though everyone else I know loves it. Some of it still creeps me out a bit, but I will expand as I go from one thing to the next. So far I’ve stuck with California rolls. I’ll need some recommendations for other things to try because I’m SO picky, it’s not even funny.

      I love chopsticks, and I’m going to get a fancy set for dinner parties (along with these gorgeous plates and cups for tea and saki that I am in love with) once I paint and change my dining room up enirely. Right now, it still has boxes in it and goes unused.

      I wish I were well, but I’m just trying to push forward through all the pain. It’s not easy by a long shot, but I will get there.

      You’re definitely kept in my thoughts, never think otherwise. *Hugs* (you’ll have to teach me how to do smiley faces and hearts at some point. I’m so clueless with that!)

      • Some of it still creeps me out as well! Like the raw stuff, lol. I tend to like the eel or anything deep fried (not technically “sush” but whatever).

        I’ve always used forks up until I ate sushi. Still tend to use forks out of habit, but my bestie got me a metal set to carry around – it’s still in the package. 😆

        I’m sorry to hear that Lisa *hugs* I can tell you that you’re strong and will persevere, but you already know that. 😉

        Some days I cheat and use this:

        As for the hearts, it works differently for everyone. I use Alt and #3 on the keypad, but that didn’t work for my friend Suzy. She used to just copy and paste the one I post. ^_^

      • I am defiintely creeped out by anything raw. I’m comfortable with smoked salmon, only because lox is a staple in my life and I love it (The first time I ordered it in front of a former friend, we were in the city at a fantastic diner and she was mortified when they brought my plate out. I had to explain what it was and why it’s completely safe to eat, but she looked at me as if I’d just sprouted three additional heads. Eventually she got used to the cultural difference, but I had a hard time not laughing at her.), but the idea of some of the other things makes me ill.

        Eel reminds me of my Grandfather catching them off the coast of Long Island (and throwing them back), so I don’t know if I could eat that without that visual coming to mind. My brother is like “Stick to smoked salmon and diffferent types of shellfish and you’ll be fine.” That’s probably all I can handle.

        I use forks out of habit as well, unless it’s sushi or Chinese food, in which case chopsticks just make it more fun for some reason.

        I’ll be fine at some point, but right now I’m more concerned about my overall health, pain management, and this enormous bruise that just turned up on my right hip. I can barely sit, it hurts SO bad. I took a hand mirror to see what the hell it was from because it’s at an odd angle, and even though I can feel it, it hasn’t shown up yet in terms of color. When it does, I know it will be ugly. I bruise slowly usually, but I’m often waking up with weird ones and wondering exactly how much of a klutz I really am. I know I walk into things a lot, but it’s just so sad for someone so young to be such a ditz when it comes to her own body sometimes. I’ve been using this organic icy heat roll-on in it which helps considerably, but it still weirds me out that they turn up at all. I’m pretty sure the majority of it is the Fibromyalgia. I don’t want to blame everything on that though because I know I walk into my bed a lot. How my brain thinks she is going to side-step an enormous piece of furniture, I do not know.

        The hearts don’t work for me at all. Weird. I’m glad you taught me the smilies though, I was starting to feel like a moron not knowing how to use them.

        You live, you learn, and sometimes you just have to be a goofball. LOL.

  3. You are super awesome! Thank you so much. You made my day. And probably my week and maybe my month depending on how things go.

    • Thank you. You’re totally welcome. I’m really glasd I could brighten your day in some way. That’s a good feeling, for both of us. I know how dark bipolar can be and how each day is different in terms of mood and emotions. That’s one of the reasons I think your blog is so good.
      Keep on doing your thing! Change WILL come. =)

  4. Thank you so much Love! I am a November Scorpio, and I know that Scorpio’s are not all evil (even though my ex is also one – ???). It sounds like you and I would get on well, I love make up artistry (haven’t done it really since high-school even though I had looked at is an occupation choice at one point, and have dabbled in jewelery design as a hobby). I also hate asking for help. I so desperately want to do it myself – fierce independence – it’s my downfall, I can be my own worst enemy.

    I accept your nomination on so many levels, but don’t really do awards anymore. I will however make a point of directing back to you on my next post – pinkie swear… lol… 😉

    • It’s funny how so many people that follow me are fellow Scorps. I believe we’re all drawn to each other in many ways, because I can pretty much pick a Scorpio out of a line-up blind-folded. LOL.

      I have an ex-fiance that is a Scorpio myself, and I can only say that his idea of a relationship and mine were not on the same page by any means(You can’t be married and still “date” other women. That’s completely unacceptable to me.). His birthday is November 12th. We were even set to get married in November. I’ve since ditched the entire idea of a Fall wedding entirely.

      I didn’t know how much I enjoyed make-up and the artistry of it until several make-up artists taught me how to “put on my face”, and I nailed it the first time I tried, which was very rewarding. I remember showing my Mom (God Rest & Bless Her Soul) what I’d learned the first time around and her being completely floored by what I’d done on my own face. She really encouraged me after that to wear make-up and have the confidence within myself to put my best face forward, no matter how lousy I feel. I’ve been wearing make-up steadily every time I leave the house for about ten years now, and thus far, I haven’t fucked up too badly. I’ve learned so many neat tricks along the way and I am forever grateful to the women that taught me because they gave me confidence and a skill set. I have perfect strangers that come up to me to find out how I get my cheekbones to look “like that”. I have to explain that they’re naturally very high, and I just define them so they stand out. None of them believe me, they all want to feel my face. LOL. It’s a nice way of being creative and for me, it’s about making my eye color stand-out as well. People who see me on a regular or semi-regular basis will tell me that my eyes are rarely the same color each time they see me, which is pretty cool. You use the right colors and you get completely different results each time. I have yet to master liquid liner perfectly and I cannot apply false lashes on myself, but my lashes are already long, so God only knows what I’d look like with falsies. I only ever manage to glue them to the center of my eyelid, which I am sure you will agree is laughable.

      I designed part of a book of jewelry ideas a year or two ago, and as soon as I can purchase the supplies, I am going to make up on of everything and list is all on Etsy. It’s something I love looking at and if I can make it myself, I don’t have to buy it from anyone, which will save me a lot of money because I’m a jewelry whore.

      I always get kicked when I’m down, so I think that’s a big part of why I find it so hard to ask for help. Whenever I do ask, I am either told no, or people cancel on me at the last second, so I’ve stopped doing it entirely. There are still some dependable people in my life, but I still don’t like to run to people with my problems because it pains me to have to be dealing with it myself and I don’t like dumping my crap on others. I’m a better advice giver and helper than I am at asking for those things myself, plus, I trust the advice I give myself far more than anyone else’s.

      I think as Scorpio women, we’re just very self-sufficient. Others will see it as stubbornness, but it stems from the fact that we ARE fiercely independent and if we don’t start out that way, we eventually find our true selves and launch the full force of our personality upon the world. Once we do, it’s seriously a “watch out world” moment.

      Don’t worry about the award. I totally understand. Very few people are accepting them these days.

      Talk to you soon!

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