5 thoughts on “Music Of The Night

  1. That’s kind of funny, kind of creepy – the brat decided to be the Phantom for Halloween this year. She made a very convincing guy.

    Anyway, one of my favorite songs from Phantom, thanks for sharing.

  2. I was blessed to see Michael Crawford sign this song – Pre-Tony and Post-Tony awards on Broadway. An out of body experience – amazing. Actually amazing does not come close to describing his voice and performance.

    • I appreciate the original version, but much prefer Gerard Butler’s performance because it was a more rock twist musically, as opposed to pure opera. It’s one of those things that is just individual taste, but until the second version came along, I only knew the original and I loved it. I know the whole thing by heart, and thanks to my own vocal training, I can sing everything, but the super high notes. I’m no longer a soprano as I once was.
      I’ve used a few other songs from the movie, but I have all of it on CD.

      • That is wonderful. I took voice lessons, but my forte was dance;) and Gerard – I think he is just a cool and hot dude. I enjoyed his Phantom very much.

      • I’m a professional creative type, so I have a vast appreciation for the arts, even if it’s something I cannot personally do. I’ve been singing for a long time, but it’s hard to put myself out there and attempt to showcase that and only that. Designing jewelry or playing make-up artist, even just in bits and pieces, is fun for me. I hate limiting myself creatively.

        Gerard is one of the most hilarious men, period (Definitely not hard to look at either. LOL.). He makes me crack up when he tells stories. I think he’s an exceptionally talented actor, and I really enjoy his sense of humor because it’s so much like my own.

        I know he worked really hard to play the Phantom, and I credit the other actors that worked with him because many of them, like Emmy Rossum and Patrick Wilson, are incredibly gifted vocally. Gerard was a fish out of water with the singing, but he worked hard and I remember watching it the first time being totally mesmerized by his performance from start to finish, and also thinking “I know this man. Underneath that mask, I know this man is stunning. There’s something so familiar about him.” I had no idea that I actually DID know who he was until later on, and he’s only gotten progressively better from there.

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