Nail Polish Trade

This will be posted on my beauty blog as well, but I’m posting it here for my regular readers, as I didn’t want to exclude anyone. (Sorry guys. I know none of you want to hear about beauty products. Ignore us girls for a sec. LOL.)

I’ve got a considerable amount of polish (E-mail me for photos directly. They will be taken with an HD camera.) from various brands that I am looking to trade for colors more suitable to my life.

We’re talking Avon to OPI, and so many others in between. If you’ve got a color I am looking for in any brand, I am 100% open to working with you. We each pay the shipping costs to ship to one another. I can only open this to my U.S. readers as Canadian and overseas Priority Mail shipping is outrageous for nail polish. None of us would be benefitting there, unfortunately.

Anyone interested in trading, you can find my e-mail address in the About Me section. You can also leave me a comment here and let me know you’re sending an e-mail so I know not to delete it if it hits my SPAM filters.

I’ve got an immense collection and I’m primarily looking for shades of blue and purple, and a wide array of greys in return.

Hope to hear from someone, or several someones, soon!!

CURRENT COLOR LIST (with more to come)

Avon: Olive Green

China Glaze: First Class Ticket,

Essie: Mojito Madness, Fear Or Desire,

Orly: Green With Envy

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure: Thinking Of Blue

Sally Hansen Hard As Nails: Hard To Get, No Hard Feelings, Tough Luck

OPI: Suzi Says Feng Shui, Mermaid’s Tears, Hong Kong Sunrise, Jade Is The New Black, mini Alpine Snow, (I have one other purple/blue flip mini, but I cannot remember the name of it because it came without a label. I believe it’s from the Shrek collection.)

Essence: Dress To Party, Trendsetter

Rimmel: Zenith, Fuel, Twisted Chic

New York Color Quick Dry: Lincoln Center

Hard Candy: Flash

Revlon: Limited Edition Plum Cherry

Sinful Colors: What’s Your Name

I also have a silver, red, and green glitter polish that will work for anyone who likes to do nail art of any kind.

4 thoughts on “Nail Polish Trade

  1. So cool to know that you also have a beauty blog. Unfortunately, it looks like all of my colors are the ones you’re looking to trade out (and I’m not currently in the States anyways) but nevertheless, I’m still glad you’re a fellow nail polish junkie like me. Are you sporting any color currently? I’ve got on a deep, almost-black burgundy as an homage to the chill in London. 😉

    • I always have polish on. Long nails don’t look good unpolished, and mine are actually pretty short right now, for me. I’m currently wearing Blue Rhapsody by Essie. I’m changing over to Mesmerize (also an Essie shade, but it took me more than a year to score a bottle of it.) in a few days. I tend to sport a lot of blue and silver between my birthday and Chanukah, but I also love a lot of neutral colors that have a grey base. I choose colors based on my mood, but occasionally I will have three or four sitting on my dresser for a week (sometimes it’s more like six), and I’ll grab one at the last minute on my way out of the house, or I’ll take two with me to the salon and choose at the last second. Several times I’ve asked my nail technician to choose for me. I’m all over the place in that sense.
      I like to commit to the colors I buy and wear, as well as those that are gifted to me, but sometimes you buy a color and after a while you realize you’ll never wear it, or you wear it once and you know it’ll rot in the bottle. That’s why I’m doing the trade. So many people are in the same position and many don’t want to buy new polish, so trading is a way to still get new polish without spending more than postage.
      I have a few bright Essie shades for sale on Ebay that will get added to the list, but if they sell, they just do. I’m also contemplating selling a Crackle color I’ve never used. I bought three, and I’ve never used any of them. I might try them out on my toes, but on my hands I like to be relatively unfussy 99% of the time.
      I will occasionally wear a black/burgundy shade myself. Red is a color I tend to stay away from though, unless I’m angry (This carries over into my clothing as well. The only red I own are a handful of racing t-shirts.), but dark shades lead to moody times and cold weather, definitely. The color I had on before this one was a dark green that ended up being more black. It was so much greener in the bottle, but once it was on, you couldn’t see any green in it at all. I’m also partial to shades with some shimmer. I don’t usually go for creamy colors often, but occasionally they call my name.
      I’ve had the beauty blog for quite a while, but I haven’t done a ton with it. I can send the link to you if you want.
      Should I end up having a color you want, I will save it for you.
      Keep warm, it’s freezing here too. TTYS. Hugs.

      • Mood and emotions definitely play a lot into my nail color choices too. I remember absolutely perplexing my dad when I’d make the switch from a light, girly color to something dark. He’s rather a conservative traditionalist so it took him a while to accept anything that he deems makes too much of a statement or is too in-your-face. I think he’s given up at this point, to be honest. Please do send me the link! There are a TON of beauty blogs out there but if I’m reading one that’s written by someone I’m familiar with, all the better.

      • You’re a Scorpio, we choose a LOT of things in our life based on our mood and emotions.
        I lost my Dad six years ago in December, and I can pretty much assure you that he never cared what I had or didn’t have on my nails. He would pick at the fact that I wore nail polish at all. To him it was unnecessary, but some father’s just don’t get it.
        I understand the conservative traditionalist side of father’s, and people in general. It stems from how they were raised and what the culture was like. My Grandmother was like that. She didn’t like it when my hair has pink highlights or when my nail polish was a color she deemed inappropriate, but a lot of that stemmed from her own upbringing. To her, my “against the grain” attitude was unladylike. She loved me, but she also spent a great deal of time criticizing me as opposed to accepting me.
        I wear light polish colors when I’m in the mood for them, but I wear what I like, when I want to, as opposed to what other people are doing. I follow my own trend in that way, but I’m always six months ahead of the polish trends for some reason. I’ll see that slowly happen and know that I was the first one wearing it locally, and then someone will say “Hey, you said that would be the next big color.” It’s such a simple thing, nail polish, but I enjoy it.
        My beauty blog is a side project for me. I’ve had it for quite a while, but I’m still tweaking and re-designing it. It’s mostly reviews and articles, and I am trying to do a “What’s In Your Make-Up Bag?” piece where people share the products they use regularly and photos of everything, etc. I will buckle down and do more work on it once my life becomes a little more settled over the Winter, hopefully.
        The link is:
        I’m making a lot of changes and since I just saw how error filled it is (I cannot believe the typos I found. It sent me into an OCD frenzy!), those changes are going to be coming sooner rather than later. Let me know what you think of it when you have a moment. TTYS hon! I know I owe you an e-mail and a finished product.

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