Nail Polish Trade

This will be posted on my beauty blog as well, but I’m posting it here for my regular readers, as I didn’t want to exclude anyone. (Sorry guys. I know none of you want to hear about beauty products. Ignore us girls for a sec. LOL.)

I’ve got a considerable amount of polish (E-mail me for photos directly. They will be taken with an HD camera.) from various brands that I am looking to trade for colors more suitable to my life.

We’re talking Avon to OPI, and so many others in between. If you’ve got a color I am looking for in any brand, I am 100% open to working with you. We each pay the shipping costs to ship to one another. I can only open this to my U.S. readers as Canadian and overseas Priority Mail shipping is outrageous for nail polish. None of us would be benefitting there, unfortunately.

Anyone interested in trading, you can find my e-mail address in the About Me section. You can also leave me a comment here and let me know you’re sending an e-mail so I know not to delete it if it hits my SPAM filters.

I’ve got an immense collection and I’m primarily looking for shades of blue and purple, and a wide array of greys in return.

Hope to hear from someone, or several someones, soon!!

CURRENT COLOR LIST (with more to come)

Avon: Olive Green

China Glaze: First Class Ticket,

Essie: Mojito Madness, Fear Or Desire,

Orly: Green With Envy

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure: Thinking Of Blue

Sally Hansen Hard As Nails: Hard To Get, No Hard Feelings, Tough Luck

OPI: Suzi Says Feng Shui, Mermaid’s Tears, Hong Kong Sunrise, Jade Is The New Black, mini Alpine Snow, (I have one other purple/blue flip mini, but I cannot remember the name of it because it came without a label. I believe it’s from the Shrek collection.)

Essence: Dress To Party, Trendsetter

Rimmel: Zenith, Fuel, Twisted Chic

New York Color Quick Dry: Lincoln Center

Hard Candy: Flash

Revlon: Limited Edition Plum Cherry

Sinful Colors: What’s Your Name

I also have a silver, red, and green glitter polish that will work for anyone who likes to do nail art of any kind.