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Why “Fat Shaming” Week Makes Me Hate Humanity

Why “Fat Shaming” Week Makes Me Hate Humanity

I am so proud of Marie for writing this article and making people aware. “Fat Shaming” is one of the worst things EVER. It’s downright evil. We tell our children to be accepting, we teach them kindness and to love and share, but what kind of adults are we becoming when we act like this and that’s what children see? It’s sick crap. This, in my eyes, is just as bad as any other form of racism or hatred. It’s not only unnecessary, it’s viciously attacking people for not being what you want them to be, which is a mirror image of you. Why would we want to be?!

Fat is a four letter word to me. Use it in my presence and you’ll need serious facial reconstruction.  

The ignorance you will see in this article will piss you off. Reblog as you wish and let other people know that this is wrong. The sick bastards that came up with this crap will probably die a lot sooner than the rest of us. Labeling Fibromyalgia as an illness caused “by obesity” makes me LIVID. It’s an outright LIE.

Be healthy and do what’s right for you (this is different for everyone). Throw away the scale, lose the guilt, and stop looking at numbers. As long as you’re a good person, that is what matters. Spread positivity, not hatred.