The Fibromyalgia Myth

The Fibromyalgia Myth

This FREAKS ME OUT. I have been tested for Lyme Disease more than once, but I am going to request a re-test due to some of the things I have been experiencing of late, just to be on the safe side. For some of us, I think we need to be tested and re-tested because Lyme Disease is no joke. Neither is Fibromyalgia, but there’s no denying that the symptoms are the same and if we’re not seeing any relief, maybe there’s a misdiagnosis somewhere along the line. How amazing would it be if some of us could get our lives back and not have to suffer to the extent that we do?

I don’t think it hurts to double-check and find out if any of this applies to some or maybe even all of us. Better safe, than sorry. Don’t be afraid to speak up, ask questions, and be your own advocate.

7 thoughts on “The Fibromyalgia Myth

    • I’m planning on getting a full blood work up with additional screening for Lyme and Lupus. I’ve been tested before for Lyme, but I can’t remember if it was done a second or third time, and the weaker I feel, the more I worry. I’ve never been tested for Lupus, but I want it ruled out. I’ve never formally been treated for the Fibro at all. Handing someone pain meds and muscle relaxers isn’t treatment, as I am sure you’d agree.

    • Unless I really trust and respect a doctor, I always get another opinion. That’s how it was with my migraines. I went to several neurologists before finding the best one, who turned out to be the right one for me. I’m grateful to him for treating me for 13 years and always being so good to me. Before he put me on medicine, I was miserable. Of course now the medicine doesn’t work and I live over an hour from his office, so I can either go back to see him or go someplace local and hope that a new doctor will agree to the new treatment method I’ve been researching for the past two years. It’s easier to go to someone who takes your insurance as opposed to paying out of pocket, especially with the way healthcare is right now.
      I’ve never formally been treated for the Fibro, so I am searching high and low for someone who isn’t going to blow me off and ignore my symptoms.

  1. I been tested 3 times, nothing in my blood or any other work ups..But I agree this disease? has the character of many other things…

    Great blog.. x

    • My blood work almost always comes back negative too, but I have noticed that when my pain is at its worst, my white count is elevated. Doctors have repeatedly blown that off time and again, but if it comes back elevated this time, I’m going to push hard for them to find out why, because that’s not “normal”.

      I’ve never been on anti-virals for any reason, but I’d take a course of them if I thought it might help the Fibromyalgia in any way.

      • Hope your appointment goes well.

        In truth, it takes me about three hours to get ready for anything. I’m a high-maintenance woman. LOL. I’m including the fact that I don’t leave the house without make-up on. I listen to music before the shower even goes on, and I take my time, but mostly to keep myself calm, because I am impatient and stressed whenever I have to do anything these days. =( If I didn’t put music on and sing and de-stress, I’d be a disaster.

        None of my doctors are three minutes away. Everything is an immense distance here. I’ve got two doctors that are over an hour away in a different state. I do live near the border, but it’s still a treck. I will be finding some new ones ASAP because I can’t handle being in the car for long periods of time. It just kills my body.

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